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DigitalGirl's Karma

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10/4/2012May we both come to a point soon, that we are laughing so hard, our bellies hurt, the good kind:) ri
9/30/2012Take care, all the best! :) - insertfunnyusername!
9/27/2012Sorry about the brat son karma,was meant 4 someone else,heres a green!
9/25/2012Peace n laughter, ri
9/18/2012Ayn Rand was right !!!!
9/17/2012YOUR son is perfect,but ur bf son is a brat? fuck off
9/15/2012Hope you doing great! :) - insertfunnyusername!
9/14/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/7/2012Have a great weekend! - insertfunnyusername
9/4/2012How about this for your SARCASM font bitch!. Dirty crying liberal cunt!
9/4/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/1/2012Ty DG, my sense of humour has diminished, sent you PM as to why, hope you are doing well:)!
8/31/2012Lol, you can have some of my junk food, I share :) - Debauchery
8/31/2012Have a great weekend! - insertfunnyusername
8/30/2012Hi digital girl! gonviral
8/30/2012Have fun at the concert! Sloane
8/30/2012Gary Johnson 2012 Baby - [email protected]
8/30/2012Marxist huh. You are a sheep and dont even know what the word means
8/25/2012My Love, C77
8/24/2012Best wishes from Athens, Greece!
8/24/2012Greets from Iolair :)
8/23/2012Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
8/19/2012Hey dear one, have not seen you for awhile, hope all is okay:)
8/19/2012For a fellow libertarian- patdeez84
8/15/2012Happy Orthodox Dormition of the Theotokos! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
8/7/2012For converting to Orthodoxy :) Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
8/3/2012Some Green Luvin ;-) Cent
7/25/2012Flippin great sense of humour and a wonderfully kind soul, all the best for you:) ty for the friendship ri
7/1/2012Messed up! Good find
7/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/1/2012I had a similar thoughts about colours a long time ago.
7/1/2012From 12.21.12
6/29/2012Purse. D'Light
5/25/2012Great thread..heres some arma from Gonviral
5/25/2012Exposing a convicted criminal who abuses others with impunity
5/25/2012For the Kimberlin thread. Carol B.
5/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/23/2012Doomlicious! 2342
5/12/2012The Bitterroot thread... intriguing ~Magik~
10/28/2011Karma :) ACM
10/27/2011Just passin out some karma votes! -11b
9/10/2011Instigating and spreading hate propaganda
9/10/2011Back atcha...TXG4T ;)
9/10/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/30/2011For joining the fun
8/30/2011Glad you signed up! You're officially one of us now!
8/30/2011For pushing Zionist propaganda
8/30/2011Nice Post!!! :)
8/30/2011For Muslim extremist site Thread. me777
8/30/2011Not a shill :P
8/30/2011Nice find for muslimagainstcruades countdown.
8/30/2011Interstella Secret Sound System
8/30/2011Welcome to GLP!- KappaSigma

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