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3/29/2015Karma whiner
6/15/2014Miserable asshole
4/17/2014Agreed- seer
3/26/2014Do you live in a van down by the river?
3/1/2014Many Americans will support it if we do, because they are asleep
3/1/2014Anti Russian Fag
2/22/2014Because you're stupid, really
2/8/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/4/2014You're a really miserable fuck, you know that? burn in hell
1/13/2014Where's my "ass kissing post about how great I am" that you promised me? Still not honoring your word I see...
1/12/2014Whining about red karma?
1/10/2014You are brilliant !! Elsabiades...
1/2/2014Where's the ass-kissing I was promised?
12/29/2013Happy New Year! Sending Green! Cheer***Rebel
12/28/2013I hope you meet 7 billion people and never win the lotto, tranny!
12/28/2013Cocksmoking asshole. no one wants to meet you.
12/26/2013Thanks , GT500
12/24/2013ClappaGuy returning Karma :)
12/7/2013Haha captain astro
12/7/2013Thanks - ap girl
12/3/2013It will happen and you will be stuck on glp forever....muhahahaha​
11/30/2013Mentally challenged, that is not nice just because she is right.
11/28/2013Yes, yes, feel the butthurt. nothing constructive to say, just an asshole.
11/23/2013Embedding a tards vid, thank you! -Bananael
11/21/2013Fuck yourself
11/21/2013What happened to Syria thread, Ag47
11/19/2013Great catch so have some green...Lil
11/19/2013Rofl at fuk u go away lol.
11/18/2013Thanks for The thread. Important topic.
11/12/2013Low IQ, you should become a cop
11/11/2013Star Fhisp
11/1/2013Pointless racist thread - yawn
11/1/2013Eat this
10/22/2013Webby back at ya
10/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/16/2013I second the dumb ass comment and gave the dub ass red ca
10/16/2013Thanks for your comment on stenographer thread. Ms.SupDup
10/10/2013Yes sun and planets have souls
10/6/2013Nice emotion thread - Odd John
10/3/2013Thanks -PE9
10/2/2013Great thread on govt. shut down - Indysmindy
9/26/2013Fuck Dr Asstroll
9/24/2013For something you 'said' :) Beso
9/12/2013Good poster who GETS IT - Cookie
9/12/2013Good thought provoking Syria thread....Dr. Emmett Brown
9/8/2013I agree
9/8/2013Oh fuck off and stop blaming one group are another. What's evil is divisive people like YOU.
9/7/2013Conscious sun thread
9/7/2013I like your sun thread.
9/7/2013Lol the sun is alive?
9/7/2013Sun is not fucking conscious, idiot.
9/6/2013Everything that has a clear begining and end has a consciousness
9/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/6/2013Great thread about the Sun, VolKhrom.
9/3/2013You're annoying, retarded and an asshole especially on your fluoride thread.
9/3/2013Yes....& Thank u for sharing truth in a world of deception...Fluoride - The Brave
9/2/2013Always good wnen people report what schools are up to. beeches
8/31/2013This is exactly it.-TheEndIsNigh2013
8/28/2013"Jesus Christ is not God" - I'm sure you'll get a lot of hate for speaking the truth, well done my friend!
8/27/2013Green for Intent, ItzaDream
8/27/2013For your faith - whiteangel
8/27/2013"put the truth out there now" OP - that is a very truthful post. -Anubis
8/27/2013Stop pretending and be yourself.
8/27/2013Mia dropping MORE LOVE
8/27/2013Great insight
8/24/2013Just because =}.
8/16/2013Nice job :\
7/20/2013Good come-back, haha!
6/29/2013Thanks for sharing that great article!
6/29/2013Random act of assholism
6/29/2013Irrelevant jerk comment
6/23/2013Yes it is....
1/22/2013For having my back in my Train video thread - Dr. Norris
1/22/2013Low IQ
1/5/2013You're Welcome, We will soon find out who is willing to fight.
1/4/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/27/2012Good exchange, thank you. Black Knight
12/26/2012WatchmenOnTheWall Was Here!
12/24/2012Merry christmas to you and your family :) -dapurps
12/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/16/2012Stupid paranoid loser and a complete pussy
12/16/2012For you CERN thread! Black Knight
12/15/2012Good thread---Whit3 Rabbit
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