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7/6/2013Hoping you are well --- homelessguy92
6/26/2013Hope all is well -- homelessguy92
6/13/2013Unconditional Karma Boost -- EK
6/13/2013Random act of karmaness!
6/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/13/2013Operation Black Jack thread - Indysmindy
6/7/2013Don't listen to the shills. 5*'s for ya. Meow...
6/6/2013Awesome post karma from gonviral
6/6/2013Great thread!
6/4/2013For sharing great stuff! LoveLightEnergy~* ctruth333
6/4/2013Thanks for the beautiful pics. tranquil. lionhound
6/3/20131939 New York in HD Color --- thanks --- ElenaC
6/3/2013Fantastic video from NY
6/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/31/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
5/25/2013My daughters name is Mia
5/25/2013My thoughts exactly, like perhaps the over due New Madrid Fault /earthquake...
5/25/2013Beautiful job, thank you for being a captain (apologies if that's the wrong term) ~Jolago
5/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/23/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/20/2013Septenary Man drive by!
5/17/2013Mea Culpa __EK
4/23/2013Lolz. pool
4/22/2013Because you're. NOT a shill Mia! :) hang in there! Wait....what?
4/22/2013Green to get rid of red shill.
4/22/2013You are right; the masses won't hear this
4/22/2013Love to over rule the shill comment
4/21/2013My daughter's name is Mia.
4/21/2013Blessings - whiteangel
4/21/2013Great thread; five stars and green karma for you! GLP Angel
4/21/2013Karma love frmo samanthasunflower
4/21/2013Epic news -- super bowl dave
4/21/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/20/2013I agree
4/20/2013Fast response to the "watchers" question -SavedbyGrace
4/20/2013Dumb bitch
4/20/2013Willfully not accepting evidence YOU requested when it is presented.
4/20/2013Thank you for making the world a dumber place
1/18/2013Watchmen Was Here...
1/12/2013Thanks for the green! BK
1/11/2013Aloha! seer
1/11/2013Blessings to you
1/11/2013Great opening post on your women stay home thread ! - Gomez
1/11/2013Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
1/11/2013Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2013From a wife and mother, right on!
1/6/2013Prayer/Communication comment. - ANHEDONIC
1/6/2013Happy New Year MIA--Useless rep....
1/4/2013For You :)
1/4/2013Good reply...Goneviral
1/3/2013Happy New Year! Rhombus
1/1/2013Happy new year Garman906
1/1/2013Happy New Year! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/1/2013For an excellent and informative thread on the fed and its con men operating the corporation in d.c... goldielucks :)
1/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/30/2012Hope you feel better Mia. ~Spaze*Man~
12/23/2012I have a daughter named Mia. RayGun
12/21/2012Merry christmas. strongman
12/20/2012You're a mean bitch. Stop bringing people down simply because they share a different opinion.
12/20/2012Good Heart. Poker Face
12/20/2012Be proactive instead of hoping for some doom bailout
12/20/2012Happy thursday and be good. :) calx
12/18/2012Myeyesropenow :)
12/18/2012For not being ignorent about things she knows a lot about
12/17/2012That Feeling... Dmthc
12/17/2012Prone to ignorant dreams about things she's ignorant about
12/11/2012Right back at ya! Rhombus
12/11/2012Brief :)
12/2/2012For posting a cutting edge CT vid. U.R.
11/30/2012For your thoughts on the Birdie thread....Ray
11/30/2012Stupid chemtard/ignorant twat
11/30/2012NC chemtrail thread - thanks for keeping us abreast of things!
11/28/2012Brief :)
11/18/2012Been awhile..Rocky Endtime Truths
11/18/2012Luv you mia, SAP/SoS/SS
11/18/2012U suck
8/7/2012Happy days...Ra
7/30/2012Here I go again :-) WeAreOne.
7/20/2012Hello :) WeAreOne.
7/5/2012Your a sweet lady....thanks...Ra
7/3/2012Fellow homeschooler
6/26/2012Hoping you have a grandbaby soon! Rhombus
6/25/2012Hi Mia, nice to see you back!!....Best, RRRay
6/22/2012Loved your rant on
6/22/2012Hello :-) WeAreOne.
6/17/2012Hi... love your avatar...rocky
6/16/2012Thank for the nudee pics, you rock
6/4/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
5/30/2012Glad you're back! Rhombus
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