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7/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/2/2014GLP's resident retard
7/1/2014I don't see why not!
6/25/2014Some green for you because you're a really nice person! Hugs...
6/24/2014You forgot to take you brain vaccine
6/24/2014Nacho the vacinated retard.
6/24/2014You're a special kind of vaccinated stupid, aren't you? Get educated instead of brainwashed.
6/22/2014Some troll is attacking you with red ~Everything's Alright.
6/20/2014For the scam video - joe mamma
6/15/2014Shame on you
6/8/2014Leprechauns are real haha
6/8/2014Shit stain faggot
6/8/2014Still a clueless evolutiontard
6/4/2014Stupid times infinity
5/31/2014You'll never get the rED stain out
5/29/2014I'm laffin so hard at the thumbs down comments on your karma.
5/27/2014Hahaha good one!!
5/24/2014From one "evolutionist" to another. Ben Schillen
5/23/2014Looks like this shitbag sprang a leak and spilled fag semen and liquified shit on the forum!!!! Cleanup on isle 9!!!!
5/19/2014Ever the retard
5/12/2014Racist is as racist does.
5/10/2014From Jesus
5/10/2014To hell with you anti-Christ swine
5/10/2014For Farting....
5/10/2014For bearing false witness-sot
4/30/2014May you find true peace and salvation.. in Jesus name my friend
4/27/2014Moron shill
4/26/2014Atheist failure
4/23/2014Bloody POM
4/22/2014I don't know why you have all this red karma. you and me are some of the few sane people on this site. cheers! -Strudol
4/21/2014We are the only life.
4/21/2014Our time is far to short to mock God for foolish reasons. The window is closing. Repent He calls all mankind to do.
4/21/2014I cooked the spaghetti monster and ate it.
4/15/2014Who do you work for? ~ICBN
4/15/2014Becasue retroviruses are awesome -Strudol
4/15/2014Nice factual information - Kai
4/14/2014You are a bit of a dick
4/14/2014Vaccines are pure poison. Do your homework before pushing them.
4/14/2014Shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill fuck you
4/14/2014Pharma shill
4/9/2014Hater - no sense of truth
4/9/2014He has added some interesting points to my thread.
4/8/2014Biggest tard on GLP? yea i think so
4/8/2014Fuck you nacho - Kirk
4/8/2014Shut ur stained asshole
4/2/2014Stuck evolutonist retard who is deluded in thinking that his theory still is credible.
4/2/2014Hail the Spaghetti Monster :-)
4/1/2014Find God
4/1/2014Fuck off dimwit
3/30/2014Demon spawn
3/29/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
3/28/2014Aspergers has always been a form of autism.
3/25/2014You give them you receive them
3/24/2014You 2
3/24/2014Dude, you're a moron
3/24/2014Piss off fuck-o
3/22/2014Because nachos are good
3/19/2014Nachos the kunt
3/17/2014Evolution FTW
3/16/2014Fuck you -Dr. Acula
3/13/2014For the sexy pizza photoshop vid - Too Dark Park
3/11/2014Fucking fart knocker
3/10/2014Good posts. MP
3/9/2014If you just went and killed yourself the world would be a better place
3/8/2014Shitstain moron
3/8/2014Christian hater. Grow up.
3/8/2014You're a plague to this world
3/5/2014Thanks for the unmerited red, assjack. nobody likes you here. seek life elsewhere. salt
2/27/2014Reported Abusive Post
2/24/2014Have Some Green ~~ BadMoon ~~
2/22/2014Creationists are idiots. MP
2/22/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/20/2014Nasty faggot
2/19/2014Stop wanting to be Super Mario, you annoying little turd.
2/14/2014This bag of shit broke and spilled all over the forum...call the clean up crew!!!
2/14/2014Lesbo loving neo nazi.
2/14/2014Supports pedophelia and murder of infants.
2/14/2014So much undeserved red! Thanks for being rational. aHEMagain
2/13/2014In the future you will realize you were on the wrong side. Praise Jesus.
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