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12/3/2013Fucking idiot when it comes to religous stuff
12/3/2013Pitiful you are THAT dumb....go screw a pig, you stupid monkey
12/3/2013Hold this balls
12/3/2013Douchebag eats red karma.
12/1/2013All you need is to stop being an idiot.
12/1/2013Jesus Loves You
11/30/2013Doesn't listen or learn anything
11/30/2013You mad, bro? Jedi
11/29/2013It's sad you haven't evolved from a monkey yet
11/28/2013Dingo took nasa's brains as well....what are they hiding?
11/23/2013Laugh at this troll
11/21/2013You are an obvious troll, without the understanding to answer logical questions
11/21/2013Time to grow up and move beyond being an evolution tard. Then who knows, you might even get healed from you anxiety and OCD trouble. Green because I still care-brightstarz
11/19/2013Thief. shut the hell up
11/18/2013Still a pos.
11/17/2013Ray of fucking sunshine in an already fucked up world
11/14/2013Nah :)
11/12/2013Darwin's shill
11/12/2013What a stupid poll. The wall you are hiding behind is thin and riddled with holes. Poly-strata fossils. Noah's flood. Put them together. Catastrophe geology...~UAP
11/12/2013Don't fear the truth
11/9/2013I am searching out and collecting awesome people, Congradulations YOU made the list.. LP
11/8/2013Jesus will kill you
11/8/2013Green for T-Rex thread
11/7/2013I don't agree with you. You sound angry, filled with hate towards us Xians. Here's some green to make you smile again. ~Focalb.
11/5/2013GLP's biggest WANKER
11/4/2013Universe - One Voice - God spoke everything you see into existance. He vcould have done it in one day if He had wanted too
11/4/2013From sound tech
11/4/2013DBZ WOOT! -milkian
11/3/2013Stupid aussie fuck. Worship the devil some more
11/2/2013Not truth, merely the opinion of a mental case.
11/2/2013DBZ fag, btw your sig is gay - need others to speak for you? lolz
11/2/2013Karma for an Ozzie, I like you guys.
11/2/2013Your quotes are incorrect...not truth!!!
11/1/2013Find your balance <3 MrsCrickets
11/1/2013Ray of fucking sunshine in an already fucked up world. ..l.,
10/31/2013Thanks! nah :)
10/30/2013Grand Canyon video - Wispa.
10/29/2013Some green for you.. LP
10/29/2013Have some green, you seem to need i hahahaha, acuk.
10/29/2013Fair point.
10/28/2013Golden Crocoduck winner....grumpier
10/27/2013There's power in the blood of JESUS!!!!111111111
10/27/2013GLP's biggest WANKER
10/27/2013Good stuff. Help the religionists wake up.
10/27/2013You do not exist as far as our imagination is concerned; you are but a figment of God's thinking.
10/27/2013You're atheist extremism is no better than what you fight
10/27/2013I'm sure you'll be loaded with red in no time! VC13
10/27/2013White your are alright, but red you are dead
10/27/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
10/27/2013Dog poop
10/27/2013Go away, Satan
10/25/2013Being happy over the suffering of others is the definition of bad karma
10/23/2013A hug for you & your rabbit killing cat! Ele xx
10/23/2013Doggie video! Laura Bow
10/22/2013Oppa doggie style LOL eekers
10/21/2013Thanks for vid nachos...Uncle fuck stick
10/19/2013Argument baiting troll ~UAP
10/13/2013You reek of hate
10/13/2013Jesus loves you! :) And I love you too no matter what. God bless you and I'm praying for you.:)
10/13/2013You're such a fucking idiot.
10/11/2013Christians are not dumb
10/11/2013Prove the landing
10/11/2013Senseles pointless and rude mean comments adding nothing constructive to the discussion
10/11/2013Dbz? Toy?
10/5/2013Myopic thinker whose socialist upbringing causes you to deify government clowns and has no will of your own
10/4/2013An atheist hater
10/3/2013Congratulations! you're my new weekly red... tehe.
10/1/2013Asshole go to Another Tread if You Dont Like This One
9/30/2013Bane For You!
9/27/2013Such a shame that the god-believing creationist fuckwits are in majority, and will keep you in the red.
9/24/2013Stupid thread
9/17/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/15/2013Who can beat this infallible logic?
9/15/2013Miley Cyrus
9/14/2013Please shut the fuck up
9/12/2013Not an intelligent post
9/12/2013Mmmm Nachos
9/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2013Very cool thanks for the croc link!
9/11/2013Great thread, five stars and green karma!
9/9/2013Vaccine loving shill do some research.
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