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9/9/2013Vaccine loving shill do some research.
9/8/2013Evolution HAS NOT been proven, silly child.
9/8/2013Burn Devil
9/6/2013"dirty freaks" you say, Hmm. Mr. Pot have you met Ms. kettle?
9/6/2013Burn in hell then
9/5/2013Nice comment on homos -nighthawks
9/5/2013Hmm.. dopey? No?
9/4/2013User often insults the personal, and non-criminal, non-debunkable, philosophies of others.
9/4/2013Nice avatar
9/2/2013Evolution fail
9/2/2013Another Aussie Antichrist
9/1/2013Hi asshole
8/28/2013For annoying Bible-Tards-InToTheLi​ght
8/28/2013Father raper
8/28/2013Anti bibletard
8/28/2013Bible post made me LOL!!!! FooledMeOnce
8/27/2013Anti bibletard
8/25/2013Anti bibletard
8/25/2013Your mamma wears combat boots
8/25/2013Go fuck your mother.
8/21/2013You're a idiot
8/21/2013Valid question
8/20/2013Fucking troll
8/20/2013Such a shame that the god-believing creationist fuckwits are in majority, and will keep you in the red.
8/20/2013Worthless human being
8/20/2013You're a cool person. notice you are in the red, thought I'd show some love. <3
8/20/2013Doritos driveby
8/20/2013For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
8/17/2013Finally, a voice of reason.
8/17/2013Extremely idiotic topic
8/17/2013You're a ding dong
8/3/2013You asked for it
1/26/2013Attention whore. mommy must not love him very much.
10/21/2012You asked, so, red karma me now
9/30/2012Some red for you my friend
9/30/2012MwaH !
9/30/2012As requested attention whore
9/30/2012As you wish
9/30/2012Stupid post
9/30/2012Lol... that joke about God (money/statues) cracked me up... 141
9/2/2012Blessings and love to you
9/2/2012Remember the golden rule FAGGOT
8/12/2012Moran you will never make nerd status
8/10/2012Read more post less.
8/8/2012Aussie fag
8/7/2012For telling people they are idiots for keeping their pets outside.
8/7/2012Pets rule! ~Psychedeli:3
8/7/2012It is not like letting your 6 year old.
8/7/2012Fecker Fail - ANHEDONIC
8/4/2012Quick, look in a mirror to see pure evil
7/28/2012Read more post less.
7/28/2012Another aussie retard :putin:
7/26/2012LOL! -Aggie
7/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/21/2012Project this!
7/20/2012Racist kangaroo hopper
7/17/2012What a retarded statement
7/10/2012Pole smoker
6/30/2012Left handed bump -- Borian.
6/29/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
6/14/2012You want it you got it!
6/13/2012Faggot ass bitch
6/13/2012Look at all that red. Looks like GLP has spoken and decided you're completely worthless and contribute nothing.
6/13/2012When you go to sleep at night, there are 2 penises in your bed. you are a homo. lol scuba7
6/9/2012You're like 15 right?
5/30/2012Fuck off tard
5/23/2012Quit badmouthing Americans you Bloody Twat
5/19/2012Sick twisted fuck
5/17/2012Equality and gay rights!
5/16/2012Great Post
5/16/2012Free <3
5/15/2012For dancing!~Luna
5/14/2012Free karma from Mr.MohZart
5/14/2012Drink and Dance !
5/14/2012Plus one for the dance thread, I needed that LOL!
5/7/2012For stupid posts
4/18/2012You have horrible, horrible taste in anime.
3/30/2012Your gay BS
3/30/2012Chill the fuck out young dannialson:)~DH
3/30/2012Religturd. I hope you cry yourself to sleep at night; you make me want to punch myself in the genitals...repeatedly​.
3/30/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/30/2012It is a sin but ill take disease
3/30/2012What a fucking retard you turned out to be
3/30/2012Not normal. Correct.
3/30/2012Gayness is NOT a disease, its sin, call it for what it is which is SIN..
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