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Gregor Samsa's Karma

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5/11/2014Green for the great Gasparyan music video. ~Snuffie.
5/11/2014Cheers! :D calx
5/8/2014Green hugs from nutmeg! :)
5/2/2014Thank for topical news and comments -- from goodmockingbird
5/1/2014Cheers all is well kardesh
4/23/2014Airplane f-bvfa came by thank you
4/21/2014Patrick star
4/19/2014Thxs for adding to thread...n
4/1/2014For kardes
3/26/2014Post more often my friend! :D calx
3/20/2014Antichrist Gregor
3/16/2014Airplane friend came by
3/4/2014Airplane has returned to flight :-)
3/1/2014For kardes
2/23/2014Hay man! post more often! :D calx
2/13/2014Airplane says hi :-)
1/31/2014Traitor orospu
1/29/2014Thank you for careful and well reasoned updates of middle east -- from goodmockingbird
1/29/2014Airplane was here :-)
1/26/2014Post more often man! :D calx
1/25/2014Thanks for your support. strongman
1/2/2014Be well, my friend! SG
12/29/2013Star fhispp got in again fiuh
12/16/2013From the equator starfish
12/14/2013Very informative post about cosmic rays
12/6/2013Green from airplane :-)
12/5/2013Hows it going in Turkey kardes? - Star Fhisp
12/2/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
12/2/2013People's choice awards... TheTruthWorker
11/27/2013Back at you kardes :)
11/26/2013Airplane here - always happy to hear from you :-)
11/14/2013For my kardes from the starfish
11/14/2013Airplane f-bvfa came by
11/13/2013Hey bud, I hope all is well! SG
11/6/2013Star fhisp :D
11/1/2013Fellow prog lover - El_Duderino
10/29/2013Thanks. -rorschach
10/29/2013Karma RoLL .... (airplane)
10/26/2013Star fhisp heree
10/23/2013Understanding Fuku
10/12/2013Weekly green from airplane
10/11/2013Because vegans are nuts
10/11/2013Thank you kardes! That means a lot . StarFhsip :)
10/8/2013I'm a huge bone broth advocate. Nice post! QoS
10/3/2013Thanks for "Halloweening" my avatar! You rock! Doomish
10/3/2013Airplane was here :-)
10/2/2013Thank you ~ Arcturus
10/1/2013Hello my friend, I hope all is well! SG
9/17/2013Stay frosty and safe! :D calx
9/10/2013Weeeee airplane!
9/7/2013Thank you for updates in syria thread -- from goodmockingbird
9/6/2013Hello, my friend! SG
9/3/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
9/3/2013Good question!
9/1/2013Thanks for your contributions! Littlemiracles
9/1/2013Green for F-22 link
8/30/2013You too and stay safe! :) calx
8/30/2013Good call
8/27/2013Red karma sucks, here's some green
8/27/2013For the bad karma earlier - Dr. Grant
8/27/2013Stop Posting Eutimes-not a Reliable Source!
8/25/2013I am honored. pool
8/24/2013Right back at ya!! -Relativity
8/23/2013Karma drop! :D calx
8/22/2013A green from airplane :-)
8/21/2013Great post Karma from Gonviral
8/20/2013Because that *is* Gregor Samsa, and he is right. As always.
8/20/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
8/20/2013Warm wish, you should get to know people instead of making ASSumptions.
8/17/2013From Prowilson123 :)
8/15/2013Late wednesday karma. :D calx
8/14/2013Green from airplane
8/6/2013I hope all is well with you, my friend! SG
8/3/2013Good to see you my friend! :D calx
7/30/2013How are you bro? - mhanth4f starfish
7/22/2013Mhanth4f starfish :)
7/18/2013Good to see you again friend! :D calx
7/14/2013For all your updates from inside! Watdhel
7/12/2013Yes birader! salam! :D - starfish
7/5/2013Have a great weekend! :D calx
7/5/2013Merhaba kardes :D
7/1/2013Happy Monday! Sleeping Giant
6/29/2013Airplane gives you a green :-)
6/24/2013For my turkish brother, from mhanth4f starfish
6/21/2013Hello neighbor. Foveras
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