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HyruleRupee's Karma

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5/17/2017I dont need your green to offset my red
5/4/2017Blessings from Base12!
4/8/2017I rarely can when i fear incoming..
1/28/2017Green for quoting Billy Joe Shaver...porkchop
12/24/2016Haha. You're funnee. Ms.Superduper
11/24/2016Happy Thanksgiving. :) - Fry Brain
10/8/2016A little bounce back green... scottfree :)
10/7/2016Hi fellow prepper, Philligan
10/7/2016Thanks! Randy
9/24/2016I love you ~ Rat Face
9/24/2016Hope your mom has a full recovery. Larry D. Croc
9/23/2016You are cool! Blessings, ItsaTwister
9/6/2016Enjoy the upgrade! beeches
8/20/2016Returning the Green you gave me. Thankyou for your support. From InsertWittyNameHere
5/15/2016Green for ya --trumpsupporter
4/14/2016Green for a Billy Joe Shaver quote...rodehard
1/27/2016Bump useless - Goldorak
12/16/2015You know why.
12/15/2015Blueridge Christmas Karma
12/15/2015Thank you for the support!! ~faint
12/15/2015Kindly stated.
12/10/2015Green from Ozark Granny
12/4/2015Msmc :) Xx
11/28/2015Thanks man! - King Judah
11/27/2015Catholics are bad is tired and played out.
11/24/2015You know a nice gl ass when you see one - SandD
11/21/2015You don't have to like me, but at least you had the courage to sign your name. I respect that.
10/9/2015Servo wuz heer =-)
6/20/2015Offset karma :)
6/20/2015U suck as a mom
6/20/2015Fuck you
5/23/2015Tell it like it is! South rules!
12/24/2014The Old Timer would like to thank you for your kind words on my 60th anniversary....God bless and Merry Christmas
11/24/2014Nice post about wedding -goat
10/15/2014I read a karma you gave about Harry Potter and agree 100%
9/17/2014For your comment on the "A December Event" thread. Very well said ... Zuzu
9/12/2014Nice tunes=Pooch
8/8/2014There are sorcerers in The Legend of Zelda.
8/7/2014Much thanks buddy. -- Munsoned
7/24/2014Back at ya girly! LittleMissDictator
7/21/2014For one of the good ones at the GLP poker rooms!!! Thanks Zelda!!!
7/18/2014Thank you for the feedback :-) Rising Son
5/15/2014LOL flip my bitch switch. that's gonna be my new favorite phrase! eekers
4/29/2014Good thread thanks -SteamrolledGobias
4/29/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/22/2014From one YellowstoneTard to another! -GALonF4TL
3/22/2014For the encouragement you gave the AC ~Bright Side
3/19/2014Promoting anti-gay sentiment.
2/7/2014Richard Pryor? Wrong.
1/30/2014Cheers ~ Beetlejuice 8)
5/1/2013Just because - nah
5/1/2013For Balance ~ OYE
5/1/2013I would DIVORCE you in a New York minute
4/22/2013We all deserve respect :) -Dr. Acula
11/29/2012Thanks))love GFG
10/19/2012Kentucky! -Jenn
10/19/2012For the cheese - Leslie Zevo
10/16/2012Cheese thread is a welcome distraction from the debate nonsense. - Factual Error
10/16/2012Cheese rocks!!! - Dease
10/12/2012For agreeing with a dick
9/19/2012Updates in NC ;) D'Light
9/18/2012McRibbing me. Thx
9/15/2012Here's to Putin in bed. Bwahhaa - renegade
8/21/2012704! Oyster
8/19/2012Aloha= seer
7/16/2012Simple mathematics (:chuckle:)...IRQ_1
6/27/2012Great family & hair pic, I'll call it wind blown ponytails :)- SOT
6/27/2012Welcome back Hyrule :) dragunov_1977
6/19/2012One of the coolest people on GLP +1 dragunov_1977
6/12/2012Green rupees better than red rupees on GLP :0 dragunov_1977
6/4/2012Watch out for the ZOMBIES HyruleRupee! dragunov_1977
6/2/2012Thanks for the post on the sun thread. OA
6/2/2012Amused. Sir Griffo
5/27/2012Hope you had a great weeknd Hyrule :) dragunov_1977
5/21/2012Royal Assassination contribution. Sir Griffo
5/20/2012Happy eclipse day Hyrule :) dragunov_1977
5/11/2012Friday is here, have a great weekend Rupee :) dragunov_1977
5/3/2012Have a great week Rupee! dragunov_1977
4/24/2012For my zelda friend :) dragunov_1977
4/14/2012Green rupee time! dragunov_1977
4/1/2012Green again! dragunov_1977
3/23/2012That damn thing is quiet now! Marax
3/21/20121 dragunov
3/13/20121 dragunov
3/2/20121 dragunov_1977
2/22/2012Thanks for the meatball post on my thread-flavapor
2/21/2012Just because
2/16/2012Tiger snake fun. Sir Griffo
2/13/2012Just cuz you read to your kids - Turtle
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