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Weapon X Jacobs's Karma

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6/16/2012Weeping X DoucheBag! But you already *knew* that, dincha, ass grease!?
6/16/2012Cuz you deserve it. I liked your vids, not bad. kona
9/21/2011Posting bullshit stories to gain attention
9/21/2011Excellent post
9/21/2011Asshole posting Hoaxes
9/21/2011See.. if nobody would have debunked that for you, then you would believe this bullshit.. follower and believer in bullshit
9/21/2011Bs post
9/20/2011The only illusion you live in, is the one where you have a brain! You are a bigger idiot than the person making the videos!! Get a education will ya?
9/20/20119th Wave - Much love WXJ! from 11.11.11
9/16/2011Your sister's story is inspirational- doveinlight

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