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5/17/2019Happy Birthday
5/16/2019What are we doing here The End Lol Geraldgar
5/7/2019New ideas. LTHN.
5/4/2019Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/4/2019Thanks for sharing your comments - Master of Nothing
5/1/2019Green For You ~ A R K
4/24/2019Hi Seer! ChiaPet
4/21/2019Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/19/2019Happy Easter Green from A R K
4/16/2019Thank you for the cool vid! - Chaos Replicator
4/12/2019Bush Master of the brush green
4/9/2019Angelic. pool
4/1/2019Phi <3
3/31/2019Because you are mine.
3/26/2019Hi Seer! xenophon
3/18/2019Phi <3
3/18/2019Fire Fox
3/15/2019Cheers - Sync
2/26/2019Cheers- Sync
2/24/2019Beautiful pictures. Diabolical. Thanks for sharing.
2/20/2019Phi <3
2/18/2019My new friend
2/12/2019Phi <3
2/8/2019Get lost.
2/7/2019For the purple heart.
2/3/2019Why do you hate your parents?
2/1/2019Enjoy your day :) sacred energy
1/30/2019Jukebox green ol friend :)_~~~~~~~ Billy
1/27/2019Oh! It gave me a big smile to see you post on Jukebox. xo Sloane
1/27/2019I have always thought highly of you Seer777. You are an old soul, ancient even. Much Love, New Heart
1/27/2019Thanks friend! I am going to pray about it first before I make a final decision about leaving for good. GOD Bless you! Susie..:)
1/26/2019[email protected]
1/22/2019A woman like you lets the hair grow in your pits and legs, right? You don't need no stinkin gillette.
1/22/2019Hahaha you dumbass
1/22/2019Says it doesn't jump on bandwagons but contradicts itself in the same sentence by telling its audience it's on the no TV watching bandwagon for 10 years. SMART!
1/22/2019Havent you figured out yet that everyone can't stand you?
1/22/2019So you're a Gillette pensioner....now I understand your stance better. Thanks.
1/22/2019The soy is strong with this one
1/19/2019For handing Jake his ass and driving him away from the food thread. My hero....ladulce
1/18/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/16/2019Thanks for your comment on my thread xoxo sseess
1/16/2019For his punishment. xo monalizard
1/16/2019Beautiful horses! thanks for posting in my rothschile thread, Let's share some green :) Have a very happy new year, from savcash
1/15/2019I believe my sis is my Kyrie.
1/13/2019You really should let go in others' threads when you're unwanted, no matter how stupid. you look petty & stalkerish.
1/13/20198 of them said NO!!! -springleak
1/13/2019Lighten up...Been here 10years btw. sheesh. Dick Head!
1/13/2019Msmc Xx
1/12/2019Interesting theory - Munchausen by proxy - ElleMira
1/12/2019Nice link - Sol
1/10/2019For the "those who are the hardest to love" meme. thinking like that is how women end up in abusive relationships
1/3/2019Great film, Amelie. pool
1/1/2019Happy new year....enchanter
12/23/2018Merry Christmas! Love, LilMiss
12/20/2018Green For You ~ A R K
12/17/2018Keep kickin - xenophon
12/13/2018Thanks for the feedback! -billfountain
12/10/2018China's china ~ Flashbuzzkill
12/7/2018Phi <3
11/29/2018Green. love Miss Cleo
11/16/2018Phi <3
11/13/2018Green for longtime poster.
11/9/2018Good post
11/4/2018Good video! Thanx for sharing !
11/1/2018Good wishes
10/29/2018Thx for coming on school thread, chivalryKnight
10/28/2018Good poster.
10/24/2018Greetings, it's been a while. Snakes gotta roll up alone at times
10/15/2018Ride the wings of the mind
10/15/2018That was one helluva great post - LBJ. Hope you are well, Sloane
10/15/2018Hell no.
10/10/2018Hi Omega Willy :)
10/9/2018Attention whore
9/23/2018What's your problem with aging? Vanity?
9/22/2018Eat the FEWD! - TDP2
9/16/2018Green for you. :)
9/16/2018Hey there missy :) Love always, Sloane
9/14/2018I think Stevie is pretty safe an natural...thanks for your thoughts...ChivalryK,​ God bless you
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