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8/27/2021Refugees need no apostrophe genius.
7/23/2021Only a fool believes what this commie government says about the Nazis. At least you'll fit in well here - bootobin
7/16/2021Spot on!
7/15/2021You must be new here. You've played into their hands just as they wanted. Trump played his part well.
7/15/2021Thanks for fighting the troll
1/2/2021Like their viewpoint
12/10/2020You dont know shit
5/4/2020Thanks for commenting in my thread. BTW... I almost bought a 1974 Pantera GTS, wish I had. ~ DeplorableOldMan
3/22/2020What s/he said below.
10/29/2019Great response to all dumb posts
10/9/2019Smart person! <3 bunny
8/14/2019Your Insanity is beyond belief.
6/8/2019For your fine post in the Ebola Thread... .KAN DAEK
6/6/2019Negative person. Criticizes the success of the president. Ass.
5/31/2019The worst disease of them all is Liberalism.
1/10/2019Just another piece of shit traitor. Stop sucking dick and act like an American. There I fixed it for you!
2/23/2018You are full of shit.
3/6/2017Lol the only one whining is trump the traitor..impeached by the end of march
8/22/2016True colors
7/20/2015For your AWESOME reply in the "flag half staff" thread! from wait...what?
1/22/2015Grat post Karma, Totally agree about the founding fathers. SouthernLady
9/26/2014For you fullfaith
6/27/2014For calling bullshit when it happens and not participating in groupthink
5/1/2014For Water Woe ~ Endave
4/28/2014Thanks for telling the truth... Finley I wish it wern't true. but it is what i
4/27/2014Thanks for contributing to the Fukushima thread ` Chugiakian
5/16/2013Right on!

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