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Rumplestillskin's Karma

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6/29/2014Thanks ScienceRocket
6/23/2014Fuck off, leftist scumbag.
6/19/2014Go charge up your Prius and I go smell your farts!
6/17/2014You really suck at trolling...
6/5/2014Have some more then
5/22/2014Leftist troll
5/20/2014Rumpled Foreskin
5/9/2014Sidewalking genital craps
5/7/2014Yep your either a dik a schill or a troll or just real stupid
5/7/2014No you are in fact full of SCHIFF
5/7/2014Liberals are just as corporate, you ignoramus
5/7/2014You have no clue about economics. Enjoy your welfare and Obamacare while it lasts, you tool.
5/7/2014Have another red
5/7/2014Idiot. -Revbo
4/30/2014What would you know about making sense
4/30/2014Racist fuck
4/29/2014Obama bootlicker
4/25/2014Bit insecure are we. BOO!
4/25/2014Please STFU with racist this, racist that- - you sound like a broken record
4/24/2014How much does it cost the government to upkeep a desert, retard. It atkes care of itself and non of your tax dollars are going intpo Bundy's pockets.
4/24/2014Whining racetard. Fuck off
4/24/2014Maybe you should just leave lest you turn rayciss.
4/23/2014Kool-aid drinker
4/11/2014Good point on the ranchers thread ~tampaheather
4/10/2014Fuck You you fucking skumbag FED SHILL!!!! ALL TRAITORS WILL FUCKING HANG!!!!
4/5/2014Thanks for the post! :D welcome to GLP! :D Good day to you, GreenishAndCoolish.
4/5/2014Fucking dumbass with lies.
2/26/2014Get the fuck off of GLP, I don't think you're a shill, just a helpless retard
2/26/2014Shillesc- using RACE card, plese find SOMETHING else to use, PLEASE
2/26/2014Stupid Obot dumbshit shill.
2/26/2014If this is rape
2/26/2014Fuck off and die you lying shill.
2/26/2014Obama boot licker
2/23/2014Ignorant little fuck

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