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Mr. Reasonable's Karma

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1/14/2012Fuck off. Sports are fun.
1/13/2012LakeXeno, phoning a friend :P
10/10/2011I'd much rather be in the company of an inquisitive, good-hearted person with an off-putting appearance, than a physically appealing butthurt bigot
10/10/2011Good response
10/10/2011People who judge others by outward appearances are trashy-Evan03
10/7/2011Great post.
10/7/2011Sometimes the truth hurts
10/6/2011Call this
10/3/2011Because Mr Reasonable is... Reasonable! *grin
10/2/2011Karma Karma Karma Kameleooonnn!
10/2/2011You also jynxx96
9/28/2011GREAT insights about marriage/divorvce. keep it up!
9/25/2011I logged in just to give you some Karma, paying someone to remove your litter is no different then littering there are those who will never see the fine line though Cheers brother keep up the work. Si
9/25/2011Wrong, not Federal taxes, but Federal spending
9/25/2011Friggin tree-hugger!
9/25/2011Great contribution. dbug
9/24/2011Michael Moore
9/24/2011Because your post made me giggle and you could use a little karma. ~ Cat
9/23/2011Reasonably reasonable
9/20/2011Mr Reasonable

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