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poi98's Karma

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7/23/2015Nig Nog Dindu Nuffin
7/23/2015Try it yourself
8/7/2014Shut the fuck up! Beyonce... fucktard
8/3/2014Karma love from samanthasunflower
8/1/2014Good comment
7/31/2014Hahahaha for your permanent vacation with Jesus reply!
7/30/2014You're going to lose, you know.
7/30/2014Lmao* - The redneck that Kung-Fu'd his glasses.
7/30/2014Back to granny's basement...lol
7/30/2014Is you is, or is you isn't! TastyThoughts
7/28/2014Thanks for posting in the show thread :) Isis7
7/28/2014You have serious problems
7/27/2014Dumb negro
7/26/2014Bringing home-made yeast rolls.
7/25/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/25/2014Try being civil sometime.
7/25/2014This bullshit about god's chosen people makes YOU racist
7/25/2014Green from nutmeg! :)
7/25/2014Free thinker
7/25/2014Have your ass for breakfast
7/25/2014Fuckwit Zionist
7/25/2014Who did you do it with? Bet it was your daddy.
7/25/2014Another GLP failure tard
7/23/2014I hope this karma is quick and painless fool
7/23/2014Haha to the point! :D
7/23/2014U Need Help
7/22/2014Your brother eats nose heairs? you are troubled, and a pedo Obot shill
7/22/2014Sad but true!! <jethroshotgun>
7/22/2014Great Navy thread -- RT~
7/22/2014Stupid comment
7/22/2014Bomb fragments were found on CNN? LOL
7/21/2014Thank you for thinkng the smilie was funny....Carol B.
7/21/2014Wicked off topic asshole posts
11/4/2011God bless you with His peace and grace....love, Arnie
11/2/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/31/2011For Having a Very Small, Feminine Penis
10/30/2011Shut The Fuck up , Hows That ???
10/29/2011Offtopic. Spam. Rude
9/29/2011You require professional help seek it please.
9/24/2011Zionist turdlicker
9/24/2011Cause you need it
9/22/2011Obama cock sucker
9/22/2011Obot + patronizing scum
9/22/2011Haver heard of check stuff before saying dumb stuff?
9/21/2011This hurts me more than it does.... well, thats a lie, i'm laughing really! i disagree with you because it's screwed up you call someone wrong without presenting your own thoughts as to w
9/21/2011Prime because you need good karma
9/21/2011Obot shill
9/21/2011Pedophilia is just plain wrong.
9/21/2011Dumbass Obama shill

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