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Har-see-ese's Karma

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11/17/2021You do not live in a liberal shithole? WRONG You do and on top it is a cesspool of shit and crime. just look aroung you or are you blind?
11/4/2018Not funny
8/19/2018For your comment: Trump is POTUS, they are treasonous fucks. ~Maiya
10/3/2011Giant twat.
10/1/2011If you have nothing to add to the discussion instead of insulting people, best you sya nothing, calling others an idiot is not making YOU seem less of one
10/1/2011Great to see a free thinker. Buford
9/30/2011Dead on - another CIA asset wiped off the map
9/26/2011Fellow fema hater
9/25/2011Agreed about women - Semantics
9/22/2011For callin Practically ET a fucker---Jtreal3

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