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10/12/2011You not to bright are you?
10/12/2011I Will vote for Romney
10/11/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/7/2011Accepted, accounting principles affect the financial statements only.
10/5/2011Certainly chose the correct name for yourself
10/5/2011Oh, shut UP!!
10/5/2011Fuck you - you disrespctful peice of shit
10/4/2011Funny title
10/4/2011China-Daho, centrist77
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Oh doom I missed you so much. :)
10/4/2011Good info
10/4/2011For being speedy
10/4/2011Haha- funny-BBD
9/30/2011Stupid Post.
9/30/2011Zombie apoc pic -thoreau
9/27/2011Excellent threat title OP! lol Much love from 11.11.11
9/27/2011Karma for making me laugh! From Aussie Girl!!
9/26/2011Thank you for your comment
9/25/2011Sees the truth
9/25/2011Palastinian Shill
9/25/2011True comment on the falling satellite thread. (inquiring mind)
9/25/2011Agree, good post.
9/25/2011Alpacaliptic lol
9/25/2011Nibiru made me gay.
9/24/2011Weak little poster :P
9/24/2011Twitter is a viable source of what people are talking about.
9/24/2011I just felt like it
9/23/2011You need some green in a big way....
9/23/2011Lay who, Z her.
9/23/20111 for truth! cpl. tunnel
9/23/20110. 0
9/23/2011For sticking up against the zionist shills
9/23/2011Nice rifles... want one in 7.62X51
9/23/2011Everyone is entitled to their opinions. -ZigMason
9/23/2011Stinky loser
9/23/2011I feel the same
9/23/2011Good post.
9/23/2011I prepared enough to help other people and that I will play a meaningful role in other people's lives.
9/23/2011Your response to 'alone' is moving. You sound like a cool person.
9/23/2011Good karma for commenting on my post (atomic811)
9/22/2011For zionist comment on Rape thread. Right on!! - chopinrocks
9/22/2011It's never OK to slap somebody else
9/22/2011Comical discussion
9/22/2011Women hater!! shame on your mom for not breast feeding you
9/22/2011Get rested up, we will doom up again at any moment.
9/22/2011Idiot! has nothing to do with a small comet. Take a class or something moron!!
9/22/2011For noticing the sniper actions in THOR
9/21/2011For responding to my thread.
9/21/2011Just a push in the right direction. it ant easy being green
9/21/2011Prime go for green!
9/21/2011Why do you hate christians?
9/21/2011Good post dingaling! ZP
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