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grasptheuniverse's Karma

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10/25/2016I agree.
2/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/2/2014Good advice
12/29/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/20/2012Good thoughts your way,(sofftkitty) :)
11/11/2012The little girl who's reading
11/8/2012To make uo for the red that the revolting creep 'menow' just gave you....big hug from tauranga
10/9/2012You stupid mindless moronic pice of leftist shit - just like julia gillard you are a LIAR
10/8/2012Good morning! - Jeff
10/6/2012Hello there - Have we met before now? : ) - 'Cesium.
9/10/2012Love to you!
9/9/2012Loves the softer side of life. pool
9/7/2012Thanks for the bump - digitalgoodtime
9/7/2012MOST artists are on drugs
9/7/2012Never visited a Museum of Modern Art i think. aussy redneck!!
9/2/2012The test is complete, your IQ-results are: 37
9/2/2012Everything we have wasn't invented by aussies you stupid ass deluded peice of shit
8/27/2012For the bump and understanding...shado​w
8/24/2012Dude thanks for your comment on the SanFran 1906 video... some nice person embedded it
8/21/2012Thanks for the bumpage- acegotflows
8/21/2012Hi! From Earth420
8/16/2012Thanks for da bump. lp
8/13/2012Thanks for comment on vision
8/11/2012I sure hope you really are a comm expert. that was a fantastic rebuttal and GOD! someone needed to say it! ~Mycelium
8/10/2012Hi there! You are pretty dumb missy.
8/8/2012Thank you for your help - momma coop
8/6/2012Thank you. You are very kind, 8)
8/5/2012Taiwan!! - Tard
8/3/2012Hi! From Earth420
8/2/2012I've just gotten to the point where I can think about her without crying myself. As far as "brave?" No. I'm just trying to do the right thing.
8/1/2012Why thank you!
7/30/2012Take this green 1+ to burn away the red karma - Tigershield
7/29/2012Dumb dumb
7/29/2012Your even now - bluebeamed
7/27/2012Some tassie love.
7/25/2012Fuck their commie flag
7/13/2012Some green to offset the red... Imajicatus
7/12/2012Bump wZn
7/11/2012Ethical landlord
7/11/2012Fist yo ass!! Crazy ass Aussie
7/11/2012You aren't that bright sparkie.
7/8/2012From Apollo.
6/13/2012Picking you up off the red, cuzz
6/9/2012"Dog deserves to die." Riiight, because you're the end all be all authority on everything, ya fucking jerk cumchunk.
6/6/2012Because this user understands the benefit of websites such as GodLikeProductions!
5/30/2012Semfer Fi (USMC0369)
5/30/2012You are a wank stain on GLP - Ashwin is the second coming
5/15/2012BULLSHIT. Eat it and enjoy what you wish for.
5/14/2012Paranoid freak
5/14/2012Astute observation. - Borian
5/11/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/7/2012Adults have worse skin than any other age group
4/25/2012I hope your neighbor welds your ass cheeks together, SNITCH.
4/15/2012Clueless. You are the one being Racist! Now take your toys and go home.
4/10/2012Thanks mate :)
4/1/2012The Sun - All views are welcome. WeAreOne.
3/30/2012Remember your family was probably kicked out ot the UK
3/29/2012Cunt - bovril
3/23/2012Thanks for being there -Olea
2/27/2012Cat hater
2/17/2012Knows the truth about chemtrails
1/31/2012Becuase you looked like u needed one from aucuparia
1/7/2012Good point about non-racist girls
1/1/2012To make up for those bad karmas. GLP. Searchalot.
12/5/2011You're a moron....woman with 15 kids should stop fucking if she expects the state to care for her chillins--Hawgzilla
11/18/2011Australia is the asshole of Asia.
11/16/2011You are fucked up mate - tom cruise is the worlds biggest loser

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