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jacksprat's Karma

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10/4/2014Awesome reply :) TY
7/25/2013Awesome thread you bring up great questions -SteamrolledGobias
1/24/2013Good Karma :) ACM
1/6/2013Spreading love and peace.
12/28/2012Fuck you and your chilly nutsack you ingoramus
12/28/2012Love to you :)
12/25/2012Karma from a friend across the border.
12/25/2012Bless= seer
12/25/2012Newage sewage
12/23/2012New Age thread Frater
12/16/2012Dropped by to say - Much love! ..11:11..
12/16/2012Good Karma :) ACM
12/6/2012Trust in what your heart tells you.... Much love! ..11:11..
12/6/2012Stop deceiving people...Jesus is the only way friend....
12/2/2012I hope for a better world of love and light! xoxo
11/30/2012You get it. /calx
11/29/2012Good Karma :) ACM
11/27/2012Greetings to you :) ~ Artaius
11/27/2012Hang in there...even though you are Canadian (LOL- just kidding)...from Brianless Moran
11/27/2012I'm betting YOU don't own a house
11/27/2012Cheer up....Oyster
11/27/2012For the thought provoking threads you start. God Loves All
11/27/2012Weed or not - always have, or try to establish, FULL control of your own thoughts & lead them to positivness and observe yourself 24/7 ;) peace yo ONE LOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
11/23/2012Douche stick
11/23/2012Thanks for contributing to my December 21 thread, and happy Thanksgiving - Dease
11/22/2012Be The Love You Seek ..11:11..
11/22/2012For calling bs on the palestine thread
11/21/2012Looking forward to meeting you after the 'reboot'! *daddysgirl
11/19/2012For love apprecaition and beautiful poem, 141
11/19/2012Green for my friend,from tauranga
11/18/2012I like your message. Amy a
11/17/2012Truth- seer
11/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/14/2012You re welcome ~ Artaius
11/13/2012New age horseshit
11/12/2012Good thread, Where does the devil live, lets keep this up. God Loves All.
11/12/2012Keep teling the truth brother! Much love ..11:11..
11/11/2012You are filled with hate
11/11/2012You're so fucking gay
11/9/2012Delusional New-ager
11/9/2012New Age Religion is DUMB, LIKE YOU.
11/9/2012For the super earth thread , AtsuiPanda
11/7/2012Aloha- seer
11/6/2012Big hug to you jack, from tauranga
11/2/2012For love
11/2/2012Thanks for the thread !! ASCENSiON - let it be - ONE LOVE & peace - ExTraDimensionaL777
11/1/2012Fuck the NWO. monitor thoughts. positive and peace. your karma. thanks. strongman.
11/1/2012I really like your posts! :) Sloane
10/31/2012New age garbage
10/31/2012Brain dead
10/30/2012Love and Light, thank you
10/26/2012Much love! ..11:11..
10/26/2012Peace friend~DH:_)
10/24/2012Just another Nibiru fuck tard spreading the retard throughout GLP.
10/22/2012I Debunked That Fucking Thread Over a God Damn Month Ago You Fucking Piece of Shit Moron! i Didn't Deceive Anyone!
10/17/2012For the nibiru thread. I like the open discussion. Thanks! -ladyannie
10/15/2012Payback, bitch, you are narrow minded know-it-all
10/5/2012Love Not Fear! ..11:11..
10/3/2012You can't possibly believe that BS... Say goodbye to your sanity!
10/3/2012Great post!
9/28/2012Fuck off Bitch
9/27/2012Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! ..11:11..
9/27/2012After we cross over to the next dimension - drinks are on me! - ANHEDONIC
9/26/2012From Jasto, I send you good Karma, please make it bigger by sending it along to someone else, too!
9/26/2012For the 'peaceful warrior' thumbs up. Sloane
9/26/2012For being a spineless canadien commenting on the U.S. and believing the world is going to rid itself of tyrants just because you believe it....fucking idiot YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM!
9/26/2012Show of support to your rational thinking! - Boudicca
9/26/2012Your are a complete idiot
9/24/2012Apparently you don't know yourself, or at least what you're calling yourself - lol
9/19/2012Thanks for the blessings!!!!
9/18/2012Thank you for sharing such Beautiful Inspiration!!! LoveLightEnergy to You~*** ctruth333
9/18/2012Because people give red karma for no good reason
9/18/2012Thanks for the post- seer
9/18/2012Thanks for the uplifting post
9/18/2012I cried
9/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/18/2012Spreading the love ;)
9/17/2012Thanks for the pics - uplifting <3 Stumpy
9/17/2012'restore faith in humanity' photo thread was lovely! ~jool
9/17/2012Thank you for your kind service informing US about the OP approach
9/17/2012Make sure you drop some Sulfuric acid to ascend. Shill tard bastard
9/14/2012Another drive by greening for you - msz
9/13/2012Drive-by green karma for YOU!
9/12/2012Tardest tardtard of the them all.
9/7/2012You are a deep thinker. Many are afraid of your ideas. Amy A
9/7/2012Loser ... for the comment in the job hoarding thread
9/7/2012Make sure you drop some Sulfuric acid to ascend. Shill tard bastard
9/5/2012Big green hugs from tauranga xx
9/5/2012Nibirutards are the tardest
9/5/2012<3 much love to you ! <3
9/4/2012Here is some red for enabling drunks...
9/4/2012If it was your car?
9/4/2012Love and guidance,forgiveness and peace - stormer
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