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krosty's Karma

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6/29/2020Look out ur fat ugly arse is destined for poop eating
10/27/2015You don't know what god has planned for the Jews
7/13/2015Dumbest posts i have ever read
7/11/2015Good on you for at least suspecting that Dubstep might night be a good thing afterall. - DW007
6/27/2015Sick Liar
2/16/2015Jew hating motherfucker go to hell
9/7/2014No... he should go do his job
8/8/2014Truth; Gulf has been dead -Hats
6/28/2014Don't agree with your opinions all the time but apprecaite that you are an intelligent poster.
6/27/2014First it's the Negroes, then it's you.
6/23/2014Voting for Hillary
6/3/2014Shaddup you old krusty kneegro
6/2/2014Dumbfuck commie
5/24/2014What is flawed is your thinking, stupid leftist
5/12/2014They turned you gay, so yeah that can turn anyone gay...
4/14/2014Thinking of you and your struggle....RainTara
3/29/2014Weekly Red
3/25/2014Are you seriously a leftist?
2/27/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
2/26/2014Random green thumb
2/24/2014I hate it when you're sitting on the bus and the local weirdo gets on and sits next to you. You know the type. The ones that watch you masturbate.
2/24/2014Nice Avatar_GeoStorm
2/23/2014Good luck on quitting
2/22/2014Bad juju
2/19/2014Socialist logic
2/19/2014Sad little leftist
2/18/2014You are really a very unlikeable person. I'll bet you're lonely as hell.
2/18/2014I agree with your comment.
2/18/2014You cant fix stupid
2/18/2014Card-carrying member of the communist party
2/13/2014Weekly Red
2/9/2014Sodomite smoking skin
2/9/2014You are really a very unlikeable person. I'll bet you're lonely as hell.
2/6/2014Unions are why detroit is a shit hole. you fail
2/6/2014Union cocksucker. Look what the unions did to the domestic auto industry. You fail
2/6/2014Get lost union nagger
2/6/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
2/5/2014Weekly Red
2/3/2014Unions destroyed America as a productive nation; Choke on it you commie scumbag
1/29/2014I'd like to see someone here do better than Obama
1/29/2014You tarded
1/26/2014Weekly Red
1/7/2014Leftist - History is against all you stand for. Grow some and learn from history
12/23/2013Weekly red
12/23/2013Clearly you're not one of Americas thinkers...
12/20/2013Fuck yourself
12/20/2013Hateful smart-ass kid
12/19/2013Don't you have a fag pride rally to get to?
12/19/2013Loves a Male Asshole Sould be Called Krusty
12/19/2013Kill yourself and make the world a better place
12/19/2013Intelligence and compassionate -chopinrocks
12/16/2013How the west was lost by Christianity.
12/13/2013Obama Lover
12/13/2013Useless shill, and not even a good shill. Just acts like a douche.
12/13/2013Obamacare retard
12/13/2013Union loving commie fuckball
12/13/2013Shill Tard
12/8/2013I'm rich fuck you
12/2/2013Communists suckâ¦
11/28/2013How about you pay my bills? That's fair no?
11/28/2013Pinko douchebag
11/28/2013Good person
11/28/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2013Shill fuck
11/11/2013I blame Nixon. lol
11/11/2013Yes I will blame him again.. he is a turd merchant.
9/29/2013You know why(waterman)
8/23/2013Big black penis is a bloody myth and you're a liar
8/19/2013Not racist
8/15/2013Stupid dick
8/11/2013One more red. xD
8/11/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/4/2013Same Prob. in Ottawa Canada
8/4/2013Interesting fi nd
7/31/2013Sofa spud loser
7/30/2013Blow the carbon out ur asswiper
7/29/2013Oabam ass kissin' scrotum licker
7/29/2013If you are intelligent, then you are fooled
7/16/2013Squarepusher! :D calx
7/4/2013I'm sure you cannot
7/2/2013Soviet UNION member
7/2/2013If more of you had UNION jobs - screw that!
6/26/2013Your an idiot that has NO BRAIN fuck you and fuck your king obama
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