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Princess Dagmar's Karma

Total: 6 (6  User Votes) and 13

3/2/2012Use the love from within and you will overcome all things. Much love! 11.11.11
3/2/2012You're disgusting and an embarrassment to Canada. Crawl back under your rock &and apologies to the poor rock!
3/1/2012Uber Canuk Tard
2/29/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/26/2012Humans are from earth, and of the soil. join me in healing her
2/17/2012An american conspiracy forum, used by others around the world....you idiot
2/17/2012Correct about climate change-Evan03
2/15/2012And I logged on to give you this red thumb. Karma's a bitch huh! HUG :)
2/14/2012"Most college grads end up with degrees in profound ignorance." I logged in just to give you this good karma. - 13
2/10/2012Bad Karma Friday
1/30/2012Silly little princess complex cunt.
12/23/2011Keep up the intellectual honesty! Regards the Aushwitz thread - chopinrocks
10/7/2011"Want to do my part to help you get 1000"... THANK YOU, PRINCESS! ;)
10/7/2011Divide and conquer tard
10/6/2011Jewish hatred and sympathy for the Holocaust
10/6/2011For Truth! -Dino.
10/6/20116 Year Old Article? lmao

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