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Sasssssssssy's Karma

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7/19/2019You can't face reality, not your 'reality', what really is the truth.
2/27/2019Low IQ
2/27/2019U dont like red? u musta deserved it, karma bitcher!!
2/27/2019You're Richard Gere assblast sperm that somehow impregnated a donkey. I bet that birth was pleasant.
2/27/2019Dinnnnn Duuuuuuuuu
2/14/2019Birthday wishes! we have a fabulous birthday! pepperroni!
2/14/2019Please take your meds
2/8/2019You be one dumb broad who needs the taste slapped outta ya mouth! LMAO!
2/1/2019Trump bump :)
1/30/2019STFU penis lips.
1/30/2019You’re an idiot
1/29/2019Guantanamo bay has a room ready for you
1/29/2019Here's a little more red to take your taxes a bit lower.
1/26/2019Fuck this asshole
1/24/2019Gerbil felching hurts yourself and the critter, sick bastard. And Trump trump trump trump. Trumpiliscious trump trump trump trump. Trump! Trump, trumpity trump. Trumpomania is running wild. Let's
1/24/2019Stupid post from a stupid poster.
1/24/2019That's not a lollipop, that's an amethyst dildo to repair your vagina....take it out of your mouth!
1/24/2019Eat dog shit
1/23/2019You didnt give me my change for a $20, and your teeth are sharp.
1/23/2019Fucking moran
1/20/2019Speaks untruths
1/19/2019Trump hater
1/19/2019Waaahhhhhhhh TRUMP2020!!!!
1/19/2019Idiot lib
1/18/2019Trump hater
1/11/2019That's the way it goes
1/11/2019No point to trump bashing, no similarity to today
1/10/2019Violated Posting Rules (posting with less than 2 functioning brain cells)
1/9/2019There is a reason for you not seeing anything about the pharma pricing. It's because your head is up the ass of the left. Try staying informed versus being a bitch and ballistically nasty on th
1/9/2019Reported Abusive Post
1/8/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/8/2019Liberal shitstain
1/8/2019Happy Birthday :) Sloane
1/8/2019Happy Birthday wishes from nutmeg!
1/8/2019Left nut
1/8/2019You are a nothing burger
1/8/2019Have some more red to go with the one star bitch
1/8/2019Are you retarded?
1/8/2019Glp will never believe the truth. - LiteaFart
1/8/2019The message is spreading lies. POTUS is'nt telegraphing everything bc of the insane haters.
1/8/2019Go back to your liberal circle jerk fuckboy!
1/8/2019U tardo
1/8/2019You are proof ignorance is bliss. Keep fighting for your slavery. Your masters thank you. Good luck in life, you NEED it.
1/8/2019For your enlightening posts. five stars.
1/8/2019Your lack if logic made me Gasssssssssy, like bad dairy...or a funeral
1/7/2019I can see why you get so much red...
12/31/2018For bringing it to the trumptards
12/30/2018Solving problems of his own making
12/20/2018Leftist scumbucket. die in a fire
12/20/2018Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast
12/15/2018Trump bump :) Leftists like you will go down the toilet.
12/15/2018Shiiiiiiiiity, you're back!
12/14/2018Eat a bag of dicks!!
12/14/2018Oops, I meant to make this green.
12/14/2018Retarded literally has mental illneas. seek help
12/12/2018Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
12/9/2018Learn how to quote a post dumbass - its not hard.
12/9/2018I agree with you. Trump is the best President of all time. I salute you for your continued support of such an honorable man.
12/9/2018Red suits u
12/9/2018Trump is a crook
12/8/2018You deserve our pity but here’s some red instead.
12/7/2018A stupid bigoted person.
12/7/2018He's done more than you'll ever do.
11/30/2018Stay tuned for Mueller going down...
11/30/2018Another braindead Mueller fanboi...2 years and $40 million later and he's still got nothing
11/30/2018I can see why you get so much red...
11/29/2018No valid argument, just trolling the thread
11/29/2018Uninformed butt streak
11/29/2018U r dumb, and post your libtard fkstick posts the same way. Lul!
11/27/2018POS Trump hater! You are an idiot!
11/19/2018You suck
11/16/2018NPC 01039444926 Reporting in
11/16/2018Dear Faggot, quit sucking dog shit.
11/16/2018Real Name = Lefty Lucy
11/16/2018NPC talking points. Are you even capable of coming up with an original thought?
11/16/2018I would bet you have a micro penis and you pull it out at playgrounds and shake it at the little kids. But they just point and laugh. You're THAT pathetic
11/16/2018Completely oblivious of the truth
11/6/2018You’re an idiot
11/6/2018Democrats for the win...
11/4/2018Actually registered... to troll.
11/4/2018Good job speaking up for Sully! Pooka
10/24/2018Keep posting NPC! Your desperation only proves the liberals demise this November.!
10/24/2018Back for more red you cocksucking motherfucker?
9/21/2018This one's for you
9/21/2018Shillin for the deep state. Traded $3.50 for the Consitution and your soul. ~sikhed
9/21/2018I pray its the Fema camp for you and your left wing looser s soon
9/21/2018Do you realy believe that or are you related to Hillary?
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