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5/17/2019Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/14/2014Great answer
6/25/2013Standing Up!!!! Shackles
6/10/2013Great Post - I wish him luck also = Quiet One
6/10/2013Lovin the avatar and the screen name! peace, clovis
6/10/2013Albert pike was nuts
6/10/2013One green left just for you, GT500
4/22/2013The missile thread ~hillbilly
4/22/2013They even said they did it, dumbass.
4/22/2013Smoke another one stoner
4/22/2013Muzzie lover trying to change the fact that the bombers were filthy subhuman muzzies
4/21/2013Sell this fucker to the Gypsies!
4/20/2013Keep on it, u will find the truth
4/20/2013Of interest
4/20/2013Missile Tard
4/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2013Yeah, Boston does seem historic!
4/19/2013Good coverage on your thread about the missile, im agree its a missile too - mhanth4f
4/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/18/2013Green for you - check out my pics, too - down with the red thumbs! lol - Geo777
4/18/2013Consider yourself.. don't know ..something, you're only my 3rd..:)
4/18/2013For asking questions
4/18/2013The truth shall save us all
4/18/2013Not a missile.
4/18/2013Nice missle thread...Quasar
4/18/2013For posting "missile video" for the 172647587 time.
4/18/2013Great thread! GT500
4/18/2013Clearly not a missle, TARD. Fuel air explosion to the left, and shock wave from that set off the Amonium Nitrate.
4/18/2013Good catch~Sonic Doom
4/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/18/2013Karma time ar15-nut
3/14/2013Rick G
3/14/2013Congrats on full retard!!!!
3/4/2013Lets kill your fat ass
1/28/2013Evolution karma from Bowman.
1/28/2013For your "what will you do" thread. From Tiger1.
1/2/2013Revolutiontard Obama is a great president you silly Americans should be bowing down for him
1/2/2013Good thread-heisenberg
12/22/2012God bless you - Lisa :)
12/19/2012I love your name!
12/17/2012What not how - brilliantly spoken! Black Knight
12/11/2012For pretending to know things that you don't know
12/11/2012Merry Christmas :]
12/11/2012Great thread (seals) geminilion..happy holidays!
12/11/2012Bin Laden PSYOP
12/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/7/2012For being a stupid cunt - Leslie Zevo
12/7/2012For truth
12/6/2012Karma love from samanthasunflower
12/3/2012Dumbest thread ever
11/15/2012Right on for truth! +1
11/15/2012If America could only see ... I agree 100% - Meggarea
11/3/2012Good talkin' college ball with ya. Roll Tide! Wash
11/2/2012Vitamin B12 for hangover's...that shit works!!! Saddletramp
11/2/2012Would you shut up! your trolling is annoying as hell.
11/2/2012For your "Baffled" thread..."Sorry I ruined your Baffled Panther Party"...from Brianless Moran
10/22/2012Transport of disinformation, s.h.a.m.e.!
10/22/2012Scare tactics
10/22/2012For being an abusive OP - asshole
10/22/2012Tinfoil hat retard
10/7/2012For hope re: December 21...
10/6/2012Elitest cunt! Go take a bucket of sand and pound it up your ass!
10/2/2012For contributing to one of the awesomest threads I've seen here in a long old time.
10/1/2012Because you are an intelligent, thinking person. Best Regards, Nikola
10/1/2012Great posts in the thread on disappearing middle class--Bluebird
10/1/2012They are Puppets... Exactly! - RoXY
10/1/2012Good posts on my thread-Heisenberg
9/27/2012You are spot on....CtYankee does not vote because it is ALL fixed....seen it first hand!! GREAT DAY
9/10/2012Federal Reserve Charter
8/2/2012THAT kind of MOOD
7/30/2012Gay lover
6/28/2012Have a NICE DAY ar15-nut
6/26/2012Stop pushing your 'oppinions' on other people
6/18/2012Great post karma from Gonviral for u!
6/18/2012For being a smartass and at least succeeding with the "ass" part
6/18/2012From Apollo. For you friend, sorry...
6/18/2012Why thanks
6/4/2012Not a big deal, get over it
5/30/2012General cuntiness
5/30/2012Fashion Elitest. Go pound a bucket of sand up your ass!
5/23/20121 for project mockingbird - whatsitallabout
5/20/2012Have a great eclipse day smokahontas :) dragunov_1977
5/20/2012Great thread re need to not make date predictions. --digital mix guy
5/20/2012For calling it like you see it. Nickadeemus
5/20/2012You're a moranic, libtard cunt. Go pound a bucket of sand up your ass.
5/1/2012Totally agree.
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