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11/25/2018What's up with your making abusive posts?
4/5/2018For u
8/28/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/16/2014Long time no see :) KarinZa
12/21/2013TY for Green - And a great thread! Retard
11/13/2013Thanks for the karma. Back at you ~ Time's fool
11/11/2013Thanks from whiteville!
11/11/2013Thanks for the cool thread!!! Nicolemare
11/11/2013More for you, you are bad ass.. LP
11/11/2013Thanks from ricky retardo
11/11/2013Down with pot. they dont call ot DOPE for a reason. stay sober, you'll be happier.
11/11/2013Drug War...so damn crazy. Would be a non-issue if govnt wasn't making $$$ off of it. --KarinZa
11/4/2013Down with pot. they dont call ot DOPE for a reason. stay sober, you'll be happier.
10/30/2013Back at ya! Drunk Uncle
10/30/2013Bitch and Ill still give you greens - Isaac
10/28/2013Good thread ~3pic
10/28/2013Heres a free karma for you pussy
10/28/2013Here is some to try to help you get back to where you were ~UAP
10/27/2013For having a beautiful soul. Alpacalips
10/19/2013Thanks for the nice compliment, glad you liked the thread! Laura Bow
10/14/2013Bless you as well!
10/9/2013For your posts...geminilion
10/7/2013Clean mommys basement
10/7/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/5/2013Thanks, I like your username! MO
10/3/2013Cunt. leave the popo alone.
10/3/2013Just to go against the red tide lol
10/3/2013Low IQ
10/1/2013Thanks in the DUI assault thread. Love, Ms. SupDup. Shills are out on this one!
9/11/2013That thread - the BO speech one. Ms. SupDup
9/11/2013Good post on Obamas speech. Totally a green screen! -Courtney28
9/11/2013LOL! Spoil Sport! I like you - R.P. McMurphy
9/11/2013Great thread! geminilion
9/11/2013Great catch -EV
9/11/2013Get more Evidence before creating a conspiracy next time.
9/11/2013For screen name alone. lmfao - 3pic
9/11/2013Sigh. Seek help.
9/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/5/2013Avatar name..lol...Chas
8/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/30/2013Thanks..Sleeping Giant
6/25/2013You'rejust a man with reason or accountabilityâ¦quit​ whining about Karma!
6/25/2013Karma for you funny lady...geminilion
6/25/2013Cops dont care about crimne unless their the " victims" Sivaro
6/25/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/25/2013Good post
6/25/2013Marry me! :) GT500
6/24/2013Thank you!! ibyte on 2
6/24/2013Quit crying about karma. Ugly inside and out
6/23/2013Good point a lot of peoople with high karma are dickheads no body likes
6/22/2013Don't get why some moody peeps gave you bad karma for asking a question. Alexisj9
6/22/2013I like your style! - FooledMeOnce
6/20/2013What's up with these guys who get most of their good Karma from reporting abusive posts?
6/18/2013Balancing karma & love your avi ~autumn
6/18/2013Screw those d-bags! : ] <FuzzleFace>
6/18/2013Oh baby those jugs turn me on so much im fapping
6/18/20131 Halloween and pussy
6/18/2013Love the avatar - Lime flavoured redux
6/18/2013For raising the BS flag on all the abusive post karma faggots!
6/18/2013Balance - gypsy priest
6/18/2013So let's return the favor and spread BACK good, cause there are haters/ savcash
6/17/2013Fat chick....BBW puke
6/17/2013Welcome to the insane asylum! - Rev. StarGazer
6/17/2013Creating a thread on karma -1, Avatar -1, whinny -1
6/17/2013Well Spoken, PlinkoYAY!
6/17/2013Love the bustier. Shackles.
6/17/2013No one gives a shit what you think! Just signed up and already criticizing. STFU and leave.
6/17/2013Creating useless threads. -1
6/17/2013Some green for you
6/17/2013Stop complaining and enjoy the site. It is people like you who try to find anything negative that ruin it for everyone else.
6/17/2013Woohoo for Halloween... And yer pic...littlemiracles
6/17/2013Syria isn't controlled demolition, you need to brush up on your history of war
6/17/2013I like the chest
6/17/2013Thank You!...waitn4end
6/11/2013LOL, Jesus. You're fucking amazing. Never read a single one of your posts ever, BTW.
6/7/2013For posting the semen study. LOL Alpharecon
5/29/2013I'm glad you liked the thread!!! - Septenary Man
5/19/2013What gut?! Oh, and nice butt too! :) Looking good! - Louve
5/19/2013Hey skinny chic! From my big boobs to yours! <3 KarinZa
5/18/2013Whinge whinge about red. yeah ur boobs and big ass don`t hide ur gut :D
5/18/2013For boobs! Littlemiracles
5/18/2013Nice rack
5/18/2013To offset some of the red from the haterz - Cookie
5/18/2013Fucking whiner. Get over it.
5/18/2013Here's some positive from 1 busty gal to another --katballoo
5/8/2013Big boobs don't hide a gut.
5/8/2013Good karma for you!! Dr.Ricks
5/7/2013I like how you think ;}
5/4/2013You have a great sense of humor and a very good outlook on life
5/4/2013Ur hot -- super bowl dave
4/29/2013Green Coffee Karma from Lady Jane Smith
4/29/2013It really is a funny user name. Guam
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