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Ohwell's Karma

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9/29/2012Best wishes from Greece! :) - insertfunnyusername
9/25/2012Learn how to be dangerous by using your brain...if ya have one!
9/24/2012Don't counter the red fag. Fuck muzzies
9/23/2012Exactly right!
9/17/2012K from acegotflows
9/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2012WIDE awake!!!{waterman}
9/10/2012God bless! - Lisa:)
9/9/2012Kudos from TheTruthWorker
9/4/2012Wish you the best! :) - insertfunnyusername
8/30/2012Always good to see those that can see through the haze! Black Knight
8/28/2012Good observations- acegotflows
8/23/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
8/22/2012TY for the convergence thread - G3
8/21/2012Big one
8/21/2012For the exhaustive analysis
8/16/2012Excellent thoughts- THE INQUISADOR
8/12/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
8/10/2012Beautifully well said
7/20/2012Best wishes! - insertfunnyusername
7/8/2012Smart and respectful poster. Collaborative. Strongman!
7/8/2012Reality is all around you it is time to awaken
6/30/2012Off topic earth changes crap
6/29/2012Interesting thread - ANHEDONIC
6/27/2012THANKS for your support. strongman
6/26/2012Good posts! Keep speaking from your heart! Best wishes from Greece-insertfunnyuse​rname
6/22/2012Hello! From Earth420 :)
6/21/2012Fantastic outlook~DH:)
6/19/20121 - from your friendly neighbord illuminist - abraxas iao
6/7/2012Hell-Bound Retard
5/24/2012Thank you for understanding what I posted in response to SixSixSix's rant :) - Eireann
5/24/2012Merci was here.
5/24/2012Ignorant much?
5/23/2012Supporting a psychotic rant
5/23/2012Good post and i'm glad that someone is getting it. Best wishes from Greece - insertfunnyusername
5/20/2012Peace and Love. Enjoy yourself! - Six Six Six
5/19/2012Woord up for the advanced souls : )) - never seen you but I love you and if I see you I will HUG YOU : )) peace yo - WuDStef
5/18/2012For the heartfelt compliment ~ ANHEDONIC
5/15/2012Thanks for your participation. Strongman
5/15/2012Because you're good support
5/10/2012Wing-ed karma
5/8/2012Felt like giving away karma to my friends :) ~ in5d
5/1/2012Broke dick loser
4/30/2012Socialist dependant one bow to your government the givers of your dole money and unlike the Bible the government will never lie to you â fool.
4/26/2012Good view about the bible
4/17/2012Hye fellow Brit, it saved sending ya some green for your comment on the farri con thread
4/12/2012STFU MoHoMOd
4/8/2012For your comments on the k.j.v. bible corruption thread...
4/7/2012Lost socialist whom do you pry to when your dole money is late or do you feel so entitled to something for nothing and fail to care.
4/2/2012For delivering a fine viewpoint on Religion
4/2/2012For you spiritual beliefs, ah ho my friend
4/2/2012Your welcome
3/30/2012Quite annoying/arrogant/bra​inless
3/29/2012At least some of us are awake - bovril
3/21/2012For being aware and speaking the truth - Black Knight
3/15/2012For being you. Yellow xx
2/18/2012Monthly 11. get ready.
2/18/2012Good comment Iran thread-41
1/12/2012Thanks - DoorBert
1/11/2012Good call on meteorite/ufo thread...the time is drwing ever closer. from a fellow brit
12/16/2011Extreme know it all arrogant attitude, with no facts!
12/15/2011Good post on the heaven thread DPC
12/13/2011Great insight my friend. Amy A
12/11/2011Lowly subject go bow to your government deity they took your guns, integrity, autonomy and now they might want your butter knives.
12/6/2011Bombardment karma from apprentice
12/6/2011Wrong Wrong Wrong Blah Blah Blah Meh u Suck
12/5/2011Bravo! - Tuff~Kooky
12/3/2011Virtually all you have come to believe in about the world is a BIG FAT LIE!... Yep!.... *from CrissCross
12/2/2011K your way
11/29/2011Well said my fellow brit on the good news for all newagers thread....
11/29/2011Go back and suck your thumb you sistard!
11/29/2011False. go away
11/28/2011You are not that bright.
11/27/2011Evidence. Nice. Thug Cat
11/21/2011Good research i like it
11/21/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
11/18/2011Shut up already atheist moron
11/18/2011For your 'Why the Bible Cant be true' thread, great relevant post.
11/18/2011God told me to, so there
11/18/2011For spreading lies
11/18/2011LOVE THIS - Thank you
11/15/2011Another euro-moran
11/11/2011Well spoken
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