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Quran Sciences's Karma

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10/28/2013I dont know what to write
10/28/2013There is only one God, niphtrique
10/16/2013No one likes your kind here, go back to the desert and leave your welfare check here ..parasite
10/16/2013For preaching on glp
10/16/2013Its hard to say those things in this burden place with ignorant people. Stay safe buddy.
5/26/2013For sucking pig dicks
5/1/2013Fucking idiot
4/29/2013John 14:2
4/29/2013Completely clueless. Ignorant of reality
4/29/2013Fucking muzzie BS. You're taught to lie about your religion to push your BS agenda... To take over the world. Fuck islam.
4/29/2013Thank you for trying.
4/29/2013WHat a fucking retard asshole, go fuck youself lil fag boy
4/29/2013Muzzie shill but an honest one
4/29/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/29/2013Muzzy shitbag terrorsit who worships mohammed (PISS be upon him) the child molestor.
4/29/2013Liar! Go watch those videos of actual beheadings. And coptic christians are killed all the time as are christiand in Darfur
3/31/2013God Bless You! - Happy Easter!
3/27/2013Muzzy shitbag terrorsit who worships mohammed (PISS be upon him) the child molestor.
3/18/2013Great thread Jesus is God 5 stars and pin from Kitkat123
3/17/2013Muzzy shitbag terrorsit who worships mohammed (PISS be upon him) the child molestor.
3/10/2013Koran is a catholic invention. THe catholic church was involved in the creation of islam. You are all duped. Look it up
1/11/2013Filthy muzzie slag beast.
1/11/2013Muzzy shitbag terrorsit who worships mohammed (PISS be upon him) the child molestor.
1/5/2013The quran = expensive toilet paper
8/8/2012This person is one of the few lights in the dark
6/27/2012You're a sad little fellow.
5/29/2012Backwards and murderous people.
5/29/2012Al quaida
5/29/2012Religion of peace my ass !
4/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/12/2012Awesome post-anonymity
4/3/2012Peace -- Wylfdane
11/16/2011You can't be that stupid. Can you?
11/9/2011V :)
11/9/2011JEHOVAH Created this universe. Everything around us tells us so. To ignore the harmony and complexity of life and the cosmos is stupidity.
11/9/2011Don't worry about the people leaving bad Karma you are a warrior for God keep working for God and spreading the good news (chosen1)
10/20/2011You are flawed. Please seek the truth
10/20/2011Jesus IS God. Read Hebrews 1 and the book of Revelation.
10/17/2011Jesus Christ Loves You! Fiery Sky
10/15/2011I apologize for the intolerant people here. I have read some of the Quran, and I love the sound of Islamic prayers. God bless you.
10/15/2011Knot head!
10/15/2011Stick yr satanic verses up yr arse ... islam is of satan

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