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DoomPoon's Karma

Total: 40 (40  User Votes) and 7

9/27/2012Supporting retarded thinking
8/12/2012Your awsome
8/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/8/2012Love it bro
8/7/2012Well said! (A.A) xx a lurking only MzTreeChick
6/11/2012I was relying on the research of a friend. Just as bad. WindyMind
6/5/2012Oh, thank you, eloquent one :) It's always refreshing to read intelligent and stubstantial statements on here, for it happens quite rarely lol... (Time Travel, Real!!!) -Clouds in the Sky
6/4/2012For being patient. BK
5/17/2012I'm not a birther but, one has to ask... -Anubis
4/28/2012Thanks for being a positive influence on GLP. <Path>
4/28/2012Great seeing ya on the solar thread..:)...tg1
4/28/2012Thanks, not sure if it was AA. Possible at a glance. ehecatl
4/26/2012For THE POINT, there bro ;DD WORDUP more awakes ;D - WuDStef
4/22/2012Thanks! Albino Rhino
4/20/20124/20 Karma!-Hugh M. Eye
4/12/2012You're on the right track DP, ehecatl
4/5/2012Karma from Old Guard
4/4/2012Thought for the day: I started out with nothing and still have most of it left. -- Thanks for the green! <3 Doomish
4/3/2012Excellent summation of the AA situation.
3/29/2012Sunspot karma-hugh m eye
3/27/2012Karma like a wheel. Ka-Tet. Phase
3/27/2012You are funny
3/19/2012Right back at ya mate- nerdrage
3/11/2012Cat Mouth Was Here
2/21/2012Well written^^^ your comment suggesting justice - Me too
2/21/2012Wing-ed Karma for Ron Paul
1/28/2012Doom Poon! 2342
12/11/2011Back at ya - Mulletman
11/27/2011Your name gives me a HAARP on! Shwiing 23
11/22/2011None of your business what i do with my karma, bitch. you dont even put in on this. no pay no say.
11/22/2011Happy Thanksgiving~Jane Smith
11/22/2011Wanting to know who issued bad karma resulting in karma wars
11/22/2011Shlap says good idea.
11/20/2011Right on the money - ows is the scapegoat
11/6/2011From chrit! one down 299,999 thoushand to go hehe
11/2/2011Karma frm ` yamaniac Have a good day! :)
10/31/2011Thanks for the karma! Here's one back for you and have a great night! - starrynytes
10/29/2011Karma hugs <3 Trix
10/28/2011Green lovin your way barky
10/28/20111 for you from John Goz

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