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sunspotkiller's Karma

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9/13/2012You're a Fucking Retard!
9/12/2012You fucking love it up the ass and we all know it!
8/29/2012308..ak47..and any other large caliber gonviral
8/22/2012Noone Cares About ur Tea Coffee Thread Loser
8/16/2012For smelling lovely lol <3 miffed :)
8/16/2012Blue Skies was here
8/14/2012Random... =) PsycoCandy
8/14/2012EleKtroN was here.
8/14/2012Hey for the three drinks at lunch!!! Lol
8/14/2012After Shock! - Tard
8/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/14/2012Really? piop talk? I'll be glad when highschool starts back up so you fucks will get off glp.
8/8/2012No real contribution from this one, loves man-man sex and to talk about poop coming out "it's" asshole. Must be a fetish or something.
8/2/2012To my new friend - Dease
8/2/2012Keep it up - googooflexy
7/31/2012Nasty bitch
7/31/2012Stupid person
7/30/2012I so understand your feelings on this- ACEGOTFLOWS
7/30/2012Blue Skies was here
7/26/2012Loves buttsex and this makes her a woman after my own heart. I love buttsex too.
7/24/2012Karma reach-around...mmmmmm​m.... - googooflexy
7/24/2012Fag lover
7/24/2012Excellent response to retard gay thread
7/12/2012Hey thanks, back at ya, MONSTER
7/11/2012Karma from Gonviral
7/7/2012Blue Skies
7/2/2012Ty, from 12.21.12
6/22/2012Blue Skies was here
5/30/2012Again already?
5/17/2012Your contributions are always tops! xoxo, Freckles
5/17/2012Howard Stren is the man!....indiandave
5/17/2012For being a Howard fan - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
5/17/2012For Stern fan - mtn mang
5/14/2012For telling the truth about Rush! Curiositycat1
5/14/2012How does it feel to have such a nasty soul?
5/10/2012Blue Skies sends karma your way.
5/9/2012Think things through with logic, not the way you want them to happen
5/3/2012Green from Blue Skies
4/30/2012Icky beans, it's you :-)
4/28/2012Hmmm D'Light
4/23/2012So nice of you to help someone in need- you are a great example of do unto others! God Bless you! -starrynytes
4/23/2012Ick... you do know what's supposed to be with your kind, right?
4/23/2012It all makes perfect sense, expressed in $ and ¢, £, shillings and pence.. -Moo!
4/19/2012Green -Trample
4/19/2012Have fun
4/19/2012No begging for karma
4/6/2012You too i bet
4/2/2012Hugs Blue Skies
3/30/2012Man ho overboard ! Man Skank
3/22/2012Blue sends love
3/20/2012Thanks for the BUMP - FatGoose
3/20/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/20/2012I like intelligent questions and responses.
3/20/2012For your support!
3/20/2012Tuesday Blessings!~Awakened In Christ~
3/19/2012Love .. Love .. Love your sign off quote <3 Rosie :)
3/19/2012I like bloody anal santorums all day
3/15/2012Green for us - FZ
3/10/2012Hugs Blue Skies
3/6/2012Fudge packer supreme
2/29/2012The people that are calling you a fag seem to be very insecure about their sexuality. I'm guessing they're in denial.
2/27/2012Common sense
2/16/2012Blue Skies was here
2/8/2012Aint that the truth
2/3/2012GR Peace WildFlower
2/2/2012Piri Reis map - FZ
2/2/2012Brief :)
1/26/2012Greenroom Goodies..Love & Peace...WildFlower
1/24/2012Ty! same to you- .vasaline
1/23/2012Right back at yo (Janowitch)
1/23/2012Go figure
1/21/2012A dear person you are,,,grace and peace to you....Arnie
1/21/2012Thank you kosh <3 miffed_33 :)
1/21/2012Payback from Walt, thanks!
1/19/2012Blue was here :)
1/17/2012Back at ya! Marax
1/14/2012Before you get the best, you have to have the worst. ---- V-Honey
1/13/2012Ty , kevinGLP
1/4/2012Congrats ~unnamed milksap
1/2/2012Thank you and good karma returned alexisj9
1/2/2012Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and some of them stink... Very True(~) nice stone
12/31/2011Amen to you to lol-LonghairKing
12/30/2011Grow up
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