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Centex7's Karma

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8/12/2023Lover of Satan
8/8/2023Good post
7/17/2023The US military hasn’t won a war sense 1945! Normal is one failure after another, costing hundreds of thousands of lives and trillion$.
7/2/2023Great comment
5/18/2023For your awesome post!
5/17/2023Good comment
2/25/2023You really are an idiot. have more red.
2/23/2023Shut up
2/17/2023Every time you open your mouth you should take a shower to clean the ooze off.
2/16/2023Good comment
1/8/2023Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/11/2022You are not a very smart person
10/9/2022Stupid + arrogant = douche bag
9/5/2022100 people I know read your posting history and determined you're a fucking shill. lol GTFO. lol
9/5/2022For being a shill.
9/5/2022Shut up you stupid fuck
6/29/2022Your life didn't have enough pain, and money problems, right? The vax will end your boredom.
6/13/2022Your mom is a ponzi
6/10/2022Returning the red
6/10/2022Vaccine supporter
5/24/2022For denying your hatred of a book. The dishonesty was intolerable. I didn't give any honest haters red.
11/13/2021Zero hedge
11/13/2021Zerohedge is a far better source than you, cuck
11/13/2021You have a better source? No?
11/13/2021Ac troll
11/10/2021Faithless fuck, you got issues, don't shit on the faith of so many because it bnothers your dumb ass
11/2/2021One day you'll need GOD. I hope, for your sake, it won't be too late.

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