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Mr. HypGnostic's Karma

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3/12/2013I like that your questioning and searching, I pray that you find the answers your looking for. I love you! God loves you!
3/12/2013Couldn't be farther from the truth. You are misguided and misinformed, is all. Seek the pure truth, and you will find it.
3/12/2013P Az axo
2/5/2013Posting truth in bible thread.
2/5/2013For trying to talk sense into christians -Capt. Ivan Danko
1/17/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/9/2013Happy Birthday!~Luna
1/9/2013Great thread! Goneviral
1/9/2013Taught misconceptions and lies about true Christianity. Read the Bible for yourself instead of believing what the false religious leaders told you.
1/5/2013Good thread
1/5/2013Youll send yourself to hell Mr
1/5/2013Have you read "The Jesus Mysteries"? It set me (a preacher's kid) determined to learn about Gnostic beliefs. 5*s for your thread! ~Cyclona~
1/4/2013You can see true evil look in a mirror
1/4/2013Evil? I prefer to call it enlightened self interest. Douchebag. -1
1/4/2013God loves u anyway. TXGal :-)
1/4/2013Clinically insane
1/4/2013Hey look! a new place to park all these reds! preesh, bro!
1/4/2013That was just dumb'
1/4/2013Wacko perception on true disciples of Jesus.
1/2/2013Forbidden Knowledge
12/28/2012Agree to dark night of soul me 2
12/25/2012Gregor Samsa
12/21/2012Chin up
12/19/2012Good point, never thought of that
12/17/2012For the Enlightenment thread. WeAreOne.
12/16/2012Posted a thread that was pinned

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