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9/23/2013Finally, a sane rebuttal
9/16/2013Thanks for loving and sharing with Christians ~ Odd John
9/15/2013Good thread christians - Why don't you listen????.[You] can't do anything about the lousy replies.
9/14/2013Great comment, your karma feedback demonstrates the vicious nature of most christians, <ADSR>
9/13/2013Not a poopoohead
9/12/2013You are such a poopoohead
9/8/2013Hellbound Jezebel. Repent or burn
9/4/2013Oh No, Christers Hate You - Fear Their Angry Vocano Deity!!
9/2/2013Brain dead spiritless "human"
8/26/2013Poor reasoning, lack of scripture, only conjecture and what you THINK the bible says. Not what is actually says (poor reasearch basically).
8/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2013Go away
8/23/2013True Christians love, never Judge, that is Gods job, only he knows our hearts. Merci
8/23/2013You're an infection.
8/19/2013Good grasp on spirituality--eekers
8/16/2013You Jesus hating serpent! You're going to hell because you believe different than everyone else. lol good post. Jesus loves you.
8/16/2013Another gnostic liar
8/16/2013For your thread attacking God
8/16/2013For the Telestai - >CH
8/16/2013You're a douche
8/14/2013You're dumb as dirt.
8/13/2013Hks bb -korats
8/9/2013I wouldn't call police if 5 guys are rapid me
8/7/2013For being a Bible-Tards foe- IntoTheLight
8/7/2013Love it. for the gnosis--eekers
8/7/2013False teacher does not speak truth
7/31/2013Filth, Hell awaits scum like you, hope u liked living the satanic lifesytle of 'do as you please', that is the only reason you hate religion
7/30/2013BeeBee 1 - Religitards 0
7/30/2013Christers dislike you = you must have a brain and/or heart
7/30/2013Nil Nocere: "Harm none". Well spoken! --aLaMode
7/30/2013Your sick world views on religion, hater.
7/30/2013You're confused
7/13/2013You have eyes to see past the lies told to us. Amy A
7/7/2013GREEEEN no doubt you need some after taking of the gang of Christians
7/7/2013Your own determined conclusions, reached to agree with your own prejudices and dogma, do not constitute truth of any sort.
7/7/2013Fail thread
6/28/2013For the truth! - fooledmeonce
6/24/2013"Confusion of Money" - thanks for the excellent video! :) - TeChNoXiC
6/19/2013Sometimes I can't get lost in that world... yet reality is reality and we gotta partake or else, well, homeless? - Diluted
6/17/2013But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the LORD shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away.
6/17/2013What are Gonstics?
6/17/2013Beebee right again!
6/17/2013Evil Jezebel, repent or burn!!!
6/16/2013You blacks are all the same ... dumb as pig shit
6/15/2013People who talk like you is why there is war war war! Find real peace, before you are fully consumed! Jesus loves you
6/14/2013Giai drivel...of course you are from Canada.
6/13/2013Oxx like some of your threads
6/8/2013Mother Earth Love. - Knowbody Special
5/27/2013Keep spreading wisdom and combatting ignorance - ANHEDONIC
5/27/2013An ambassador of deception
5/26/2013You are a warrior . tm
5/20/2013Interesting thread! - ANHEDONIC
5/8/2013God is male, lol I bet that pisses your stupid feminist cunt ass of, deal with it bitch
5/7/2013"I am going to take my chances by staying with Mother Earth."
5/4/2013Yet another satanist/atheist on GLP, just leave.
4/29/2013Beebee right again...
4/28/2013You probably would not have the guts to denie the Anne Frank huis in Holland. Shame on you
3/25/2013Hi beebee, good to see you posting - ANHEDONIC
3/21/2013Well said
2/9/2013Everything you need to know is written in your heart. RIGHT ON!
12/3/2012Jesus Loves You! - Lisa :)
11/21/2012Fuck You. Better Get Right With God. he Exists But You Wont Retarded Fuckstick
11/21/2012America hater beware
11/16/2012Tell 'em!!!
11/11/2012Cannibalism makes me giggle! :)
11/3/2012You're a fucking ignorant kneejerk shill.
11/1/2012For standing up to the hate mongering christians.
11/1/2012I appreciate your efforts to spread awareness and combat falsehoods- ANHEDONIC
10/30/2012Fuck you
10/29/2012Spelling tard
10/21/2012Ban cars Dr's too. -- Munsoned
10/21/2012Gun love from samanthasunflower
9/19/2012Thank you for this detailed information
9/19/2012Interesting post - ANHEDONIC
9/17/2012Happy Trails!
9/15/2012You SUCK! Go take a bucket of sand and pound it up your ass.
9/12/2012Bad advice, always tell the truth in court!!
9/6/2012EleKtroN was here :)
9/6/2012Suck the shit out of my ass ... suck my corn shit
9/2/2012The words are rotten
4/29/2012Thanks for remaining cool. You have my respect. Vulcan4
4/15/2012Good for you beebee ~Una~
4/15/2012I despise it too
4/15/2012You are very wise, never change :)-ajk
1/17/2012Thanks for keeping the discussion alive. a student of Protean thought
12/15/2011For truth on the heaven thread DPC
12/11/2011Much love to you. (:-DeeZe
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