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beebee's Karma

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12/7/2015Smoke weed erryday C-method
12/3/2015Sick sick bitch
12/3/2015You are a sick person, seek help
12/3/2015Evolution is a lie from satan. give it up already beebee. noone takes anything you say as truth. ever
12/2/2015Why do you hate so many people? Hate is not a value to hold
12/2/2015More power! - thetoolman
11/29/2015U must practice discernment
11/25/2015For someone who doesn't believe in Jesus, you're sure obsessed with him. You got major issues.
11/24/2015Hellbound Jezebel
11/24/2015Same crap, different day
11/24/2015Reported Abusive Post
11/24/2015Reported Abusive Post
11/24/2015Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life beebee. Your own walk and standard of righteousness will not do it.
11/23/2015Ignoramus and a FAIL at history
11/19/2015Good post in mass awakening! I101
11/12/2015Absolutely Nothing Honorable?
11/11/2015Because I want to. <3 you - Lo Pan
11/10/2015Die, soon
10/31/2015Hi Beebee!!! - Lisa*Lisa :)
10/28/2015Thank you for defending Jesus Christ! SoulWinner
10/27/2015Some green for you! ^_^ - Lo Pan
10/24/2015God eats people. love, QueenCreatrix
10/23/2015RLS help
10/22/2015Red karma deflector incoming! CountryWise
10/22/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/21/2015Just because & a thank you in a different way.
10/20/2015Because of you, I found the answer I have been searching for. Zip50
10/20/2015For the truth about cancer, thank you! Dakine :)
10/17/2015Not sure how I offended you, but I apoligize ~ puredreaming
10/16/2015Your stupidity and intolerance amazes me come back when you can crawl up to moron status.
10/16/2015Fuck off jew hating scum
10/16/2015"You raise me up". Thanks for posting! - ItsAllOneBigLie
10/14/2015I love your threads
10/14/2015Happy Hump Day From Hawk02
10/14/2015You're a cursed devil
10/13/2015Reen hug-shad
10/4/2015Still ever the criminal and rebel whining about not wanting to use the parachute. Crash with the plane then moran.
10/4/2015I listen
10/3/2015Hey, thanks for the topic. Wattsup.
10/2/2015Nasty, bad person to the core. Only hate and bitterness in this one.
10/2/2015For the demiurge thread. Zip50
10/1/2015Thirsty Thursday Green Goon Juice from Hawk02
9/30/2015Thank you for the demiurge thread. calx
9/29/2015Have a nice night beebee ~ puredreaming
9/29/2015Cool demiurge post. eekthecat
9/29/2015Fantastic thread on the Demiurge- opened my eyes!~Perfectly Paleo
9/28/2015Just another hell bound statistic
9/28/2015Awesome post!
9/28/2015Demiurge interesting view zeldannie
9/27/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2015Here's a little more for you. deserved.
9/24/2015Know it all
9/23/2015We are starlight-kira
9/22/2015Hatemongerer and libtard new age scum
9/22/2015H2O Bro :)
9/22/2015As usual, completely incorrect... why do you ever open your lips to speak? Is there anything in there other than stupidity?
9/21/2015Pee pee
9/21/2015Good post -astral
9/13/2015Please go away and take your mouth-foaming bitterness with you
9/11/2015Who gives you the monster of the forum green? Didn't think that many evil beasts came here.
9/9/2015For the Law of Attraction thread - lightchild_uk
9/8/2015For Dripping sarcasm and vitriole.
9/5/2015Not deserved. this is to prove a point. ~salt
9/4/2015Because I can, your friend puredreaming...lol
9/3/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/3/2015Put him on ignore, the man is an imbecile.
9/1/2015Fuck you! cop hating dickstain!
9/1/2015Just like the cop they shot???? -1
8/31/2015Don't think you'll have to worry about what heaven is like. ;)
8/30/2015Dolphin Green...petit roche
8/29/2015Stop attacking people
8/29/2015Jesus hater.
8/11/2015Thank you
8/10/2015Crooks in a Costume...Thank you, please share the video - The Brave
8/9/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/9/2015666 picture
8/7/2015Love your posts!!
8/7/2015Hell exists sweetie. Following your posting habits, you'll find out for sure. ;)
8/7/2015For leading easily influenced souls astray.
8/7/2015Hell red for u
8/7/2015I appreciate you :)
8/7/2015Some don't know what empathy is, you do
8/7/2015Lack of social perspective
8/6/2015Evil Godless cursed Jezebel.
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