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Hydra's Karma

Total: 7446 (6169  Thread Reports + 1238  User Votes + 39  Threads Pinned) and 337

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5/25/2022Up 1 for Hydra. R420
5/10/2022Up1 for Hydra. R420
5/7/2022Green from wookiee
4/28/2022Up 1. Reality420
4/8/2022Hope you are well dear xxxxx
4/8/2022Up 1 for Hydra. R420
3/27/2022Spring has sprung - wookiee
3/16/2022Up 1. R420
3/7/2022Up1. Vacationing? R420
2/28/2022Hope all is good with you and yours, love from Ele with hugs xxxx
2/25/2022Up 1 for Hydra in hiding... Reality420
2/16/2022Up1 for Hydra. R420
1/17/2022Long, long, long overdue green to my friend across the border. Hope you are doing well and have a fantastic 2022 coming up! Warm regards, Mezzo : )
1/16/2022New year hugs from Ele with love xxxx
1/15/2022Up1. Reality420
1/1/2022Tons of green love for you. ~Snuffie
12/28/2021Christmas and New Year, best wishes - Karlos
12/26/2021Merry Christmas_GeoStorm
12/25/2021Up1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Hydra. R420
12/24/2021Happy Christmas! Love from Ele xxx
11/17/2021Up 1 for Hy. R420
11/9/2021Up 1 for Hydra because of... Tuesday. R420
11/9/2021Hope all is well with you and yours, love and hugs from Ele xxxxxxx
10/24/2021And another ~ wookiee
10/22/2021Up1 for rationalism. R420
10/21/2021Dearest Hydra, hope that all is well with you and yours, all good here, lots of love from Ele with biggest hugs. Xxx
10/8/2021A worn-out wookiee
10/2/2021Hope that you and yours are well dear Hydra, happy weekend from Ele with love and hugs xxx
9/25/2021No probs.... +1 - Karlos
9/23/2021Karma roll from gg
9/23/2021Happy Snack Stick Day! ~ wookiee
9/19/2021Hope all is great with you and yours dear Hydra. Always love and hugs from your friend, Ele xxxxx
9/12/2021Happy Chocolate Milkshake Day! ~ wookiee
8/25/2021Up 1. Hope you are well, Hydra,. Reality420
8/19/2021With love and a hug from Ele xxx
8/14/2021Worn-out wookiee
8/6/2021Happy Root Beer Float Day! ~ wookiee
7/28/2021Happy Waterpark Day! ~ wookiee
7/20/2021Happy Ice Cream Soda Day! ~ wookiee
7/10/2021Happy International Nikola Tesla Day! ~ wookiee
7/6/2021Hope all is great with you and yours, love from Ele with a hug xxxxx
7/5/2021Up1. Reality420
6/28/2021Too hot ~ wookiee
6/26/2021Common Sense in a sea of WooWoos - Karlos
6/22/2021Up1. R420
6/18/2021Happy Cherry Tart Day! ~ wookiee
6/9/2021Happy National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day! ~ wookiee
6/7/2021Up1. R420
6/1/2021Happy Dare Day! ~ wookiee
5/23/2021Happy National Taffy Day! ~ wookiee
5/21/2021Up1 for a warm Friday. R420
5/17/2021Hope you are all doing well, lots of love and a big hug from Ele xxxx
5/14/2021Thnx for all the greens while In was away - Karlos
5/7/2021National Space Day! ~ wookiee
5/3/2021Up 1. Viel Glück immer. R420
4/29/2021Big hugs from Cornwall with love from Ele xxx
4/25/2021Up1. R420
4/24/2021Happy National Dance Day! Dance, dance dance! ~ wookiee
4/21/2021Reported Abusive Post
4/17/2021Happy International Bat Appreciation Day ~ wookiee
4/16/2021Hello dear, hope that all is well with you and yours Love and hugs from Ele xxxx
4/13/2021Up1. I've also lost interest. Kooks are boring, repetitive, unimaginative losers. Reality420
4/9/2021Happy National Unicorn Day! ~ wookiee
4/4/2021Thank you + have a great week, month + 2021, my friend ! ...(Moses)...
4/2/2021Up1. Extended vacation, Hydra? Reality420
4/2/2021Happy World Marbles Day! ~ wookiee
3/26/2021Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!
3/24/2021Happy spring! Hope you’re well, hugs from Ele xxx
3/18/2021Happy National Sloppy Joe Day!
3/5/2021Up1. Log in once a month so we know you are alive. R420
3/4/2021Great green gobs ~ wookiee
2/26/2021Big hugs dear, love from Ele xxxx
2/24/2021Serene green ~ wookiee
2/23/2021Up1. R420
2/18/2021All the best to you and yours dear R. Hugs, love, thoughts, Ele xxxxx
2/17/2021Green greenie ~ wookiee
2/8/2021Keen green ~ wookiee
2/7/2021With love and thoughts from Ele, your friend. All best to you and yours xxx
1/31/2021Up1 for Sunday. Reality420
1/24/2021Happy Sunday! Hugs from Ele xxx
1/23/2021Up1. Have a nice weekend. R420
1/23/2021Warmest of wishes from Russia. ~Snuffie
1/23/2021Thank You ! ...Have a Happy Weekend , too ! ...(Moses)...
1/23/2021Thank you :)Happy Weekend! :) AnonymousGirl
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/23/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/14/2021Have a Green & Prosperous 2021 ! ...(Moses)...
1/14/2021It's green they say ~ wookiee
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