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Harmonix's Karma

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10/30/2017BushMaster GREEN 2 ya
6/23/2013Camera guy. FOTN ;-)
6/23/2013That was funny shit
12/19/2012Nooboojoo lol ~ Artaius
11/21/2012Solid poster
11/16/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/7/2012Stupid post
11/5/2012Thanks for the bump! = Saptaparna
10/28/2012Love the duckman rant - Factual Error
10/23/2012If this is true it's doom on and this thread will explode and catch fire aswell... LOL! :) ...from Crisscross
9/6/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/9/2012Just another ignorant nibooboo turd
8/9/2012Kick those shill asses.
8/8/2012For sticking to your guns against a known shill and to negate the red he gave you. Well done. Been in your shoes. He's an ass.
8/8/2012YOUR ego and naivety is pathetic and YOU'R going to feel really, really dumb when YOU realize YOU don't have a fucking clue about how things really work around YOU.
8/8/2012Fucking Moron
8/8/2012Offensive, bitter, hateful, spiteful, and jealous troll!!!!
8/8/2012Offensive, bitter, hateful, spiteful, and jealous troll
8/8/2012Just What Do You Think You Really "Know"- Great thread - Tard
8/8/2012Just What Do You Think You Really "Know"...? -- Elena C
7/27/2012Hi! From Earth420
7/25/2012Another Ancient Soul - SN
7/13/2012Did you notice the dataasylum stuff ties in w the dendera djed guys mina balls? Scary
6/6/2012Good post on the ET thread...does not add up...Chas...
5/5/2012Good work
4/4/2012ReAsOn WoZ ErE.
3/29/2012You are in a cult..keep on following false iv..he knows nothing more than you or the next person
3/22/2012Reason returns.
3/15/2012You are one of the most USELESS TOOLS on this site! Such a waste of human flesh...tsk...tsk!!
3/15/2012Calling people retarted while you blindly follow a proven liar? Pot, meet kettle.
3/12/2012From reason
3/10/2012You are always such a treat to have around and your awareness and honest are air in my lungs...iv222
3/2/2012You are really kind of a dick
3/1/2012Follower of IV - the demon of glp ....what a loser - hasn't got what it takes to be your own man
3/1/2012Sharing awesome sounds
3/1/2012"way-showers" love it.-Seer
3/1/2012Great post
3/1/2012For perpetuating this "sounds in the sky" bullshit.
3/1/2012I just love your threads. You always have such an open mind about the unsusual :) <3 Eireann
3/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/27/2012Cuz Harmony is the way! DDA
2/26/2012Just because...KwittyKwitt​y
2/26/2012Green Karma for you! An "A" for effort! Lol. ~Vesper33~
2/26/2012For being on the ball. namaste - ArmouredKitten
2/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2012Ur energy signature sucks! don't judge others while following a demon who already has ur soul..reap what u sow litttle one
1/31/2012For the strange sounds thread. :) ~ TitianWaves
1/31/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/31/20124 posting strange soundvideo ;)
12/29/2011Monkey hug
12/17/2011Don't be deceived by the DEMON calling itself innervoice222. Your salvation is at stake.

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