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Albanian-1's Karma

Total: 17 (17  User Votes) and 21

4/16/2019Oh how very true!
1/8/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/14/2012Retarded fuck!
6/21/2012Have a pleasent weekend Albanian dragunov_1977
6/15/2012Are you completely out of your mind, you fucktard.
6/5/2012Stay safe from the zio zombies Albanian-1! dragunov_1977
6/3/2012Be proud shqipëtar.
5/29/2012Shills and sheeps get a karma -1 from now on.
5/29/2012You are so jealous of Jewish people.
5/24/2012You deserve MORE good karma :) dragunov_1977
4/27/2012For the truth about the NAACP thread
3/30/2012We helped Albanians for 20 years giving jobs,food,shelter and now you call us feminine like
3/25/2012Fuck You Faggot
3/21/2012I know you asked for red, but I am giving you some green, because you have a Canadian flag. Madame X
3/21/2012Not too bright
3/21/2012Greenery karma from Bowman
3/21/2012Greenies for beenies~DoubleHelix
3/21/2012Tee hee
3/21/2012Green for a fellow European. - Voice
3/21/2012Who gives out bad karma? Me
3/21/2012I Do
3/21/2012Here's a little good karma for a neighbor up north.
3/21/2012Here ya go slapnuts
3/21/2012Who gives out bad karma? -Me
3/21/2012I was serious, as you can see.
3/21/2012I'll give you some good karma.. NoSilence
3/21/2012Fuck off
2/17/2012Worthless fag.
2/12/2012For your clapper0gay
2/7/2012Terrible commentary
2/2/2012Gods will
2/1/2012For being a fucking retard.
12/18/2011For your thread on Albanians and their history! Wonderful People!! ~Vesper33~

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