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Maxmakc's Karma

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4/8/2012How goes the karma return loser. KARMA'S A BITCH HUH!
3/31/2012Word up ! WuDStef
3/31/2012Honesty and logic
3/30/2012For suggesting the cycle of hate should be broken. morgan
3/30/2012I spun the wheel and You alias came up - Karma Roulette ;-)
3/30/2012Reverse racists
3/23/2012Rude, arrogant, and stupid....lethal combination.
3/23/2012Asked for some red.
3/23/2012Your a communist limp wristed propaganda koolaid drinkin low life loser!
3/17/2012For being a twat
3/16/2012For creating the stupidest⦠thread⦠ever.
3/16/2012Truth is your posts suck.
3/16/2012No no nooo bitching about karma, moran
3/15/2012I've noticed that bitching about bad karma gets one bad karma on GLP.
3/15/2012Dr Wiener, paging Dr Wiener
3/15/2012Tip: Borrow money from a pessimist, they don't expect it back.
3/15/2012For talking about karma
3/15/2012Stop whinging bout karma. Noone cares. Its a tool for mentally ill lurkers only.
3/15/2012May you not take karma seriously
3/15/2012You step away from the planet~
3/1/2012Because you asked nicely
3/1/2012Hoping you break free of that haunting nightmare
3/1/2012How respectful
2/20/2012Thank the Bushâs you say how foolish of you dingdong is the man still in office or is commie obama.
2/18/2012Good idea. I too am not resposible. The gov is.
2/2/2012Smart remark...
1/28/2012Don't fuck with the monsters
1/27/2012Pic spamming - L
1/27/2012And lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and you just entered the RED ZONE
1/23/2012Dear Russians lets be butt buddies forever.
1/14/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)

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