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10/11/2023Stick up mRNA poison where it don't shine - NoJabForMe.INFO
10/2/2023The worst of the worst.
6/11/2023Right on
3/21/2023Tree fiddy
1/15/2023Quit promoting genocide!
12/30/2022Happy new year! <3 tarantula
11/9/2022Red for you
11/9/2022This Poster Is A Gay Porn Star, Brain Damaged At Birth, Probably From A Failed Abortion Attempt.
11/9/2022Leftist shithead
11/9/2022D Support
8/21/2022Still vax shilling?
5/6/2022You're right.
4/30/2022Thank you for watching my video! - LSDMTHC
4/26/2022For the good moms out there. Truth B Known
4/12/2022For the White Ash links! Great info thanks!! - SLeePy NiGhT OwL
4/8/2022Stupid post.
1/28/2022It's been a whole 18 months...you are fucking stupid. people are dying from it
1/12/2022Why so red?
1/11/2022Thanks for [covid] help! -eyeDR3
1/3/2022This account is being used for the sole purpose of gaslighting you. Do not believe a word it posts.
1/3/2022Covidiot !
12/28/2021Fresh pile of feces for brains. A terrified sheep hiding under bed from imaginary boogeyman. LOLOL
12/28/2021Than not then
12/20/2021Fake PCR test = Fake pandemic
12/16/2021From Butch DeFeo
12/15/2021Found you, little tardling. And I see, a faithful CunCUCK as well. Keep lying to yourself about that vaxx, when the studies showed what would happen. Dunce.
12/9/2021I see your wanting more red..well here ya go asshole
12/8/2021Thank you for being a dumb ghey dead vaxxo. you were phony on purpose....so phony got you
12/8/2021Buzz off
10/28/2021Eternal optimist...yeah more like Eternaly in your mom's basement shilling.
10/26/2021Thank you for the advice - larphillips
10/25/2021Get your boosters and suck some more of that government ass...lmfao y'all are some retards...may you reap the full benefits of the shots
10/22/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
10/6/2021Pedo shill
9/28/2021God has won
9/10/2021Go get another booster.
9/7/2021Blessings!!! - wisconsin
8/8/2021Rare good sense on these boards - bootobin
8/3/2021Godspeed friend
8/1/2021It's the fucking flu...same type of symptoms/deaths/compl​ications...some years are worse than others
7/31/2021Go rub your friends nuts
7/27/2021"We know that Lamda came...." you don't know shit. stop pretending that you do.
7/22/2021False info..
7/21/2021Sound like tobacco lawyer
7/14/2021Uncle Gintel
7/14/2021Sending some green. Jefiner
7/8/2021Thank you for the input on my vax threax.. kealo.
7/6/2021You are lost.
7/3/2021Hello from nutmeg!
5/23/2021One hitter quiter a post like this. your red be showin your shilly ness. what is the fbi;s angle on this magnatism thing. or are you turning over a new leaf. eat shit.
5/23/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/6/2021For your myopia
5/6/2021Lies. lies. and more lies.
5/4/2021Reported Abusive Post
4/30/2021Mask lover
3/22/2021Thanks for explaining "wokeness" ;-)
2/12/2021Green for your caring response to the AC who is afraid he is dying. Happy in Nature
12/26/2020Wake up
11/17/2020Stay home if your scared pussy
11/5/2020Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/30/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/29/2020T-man :D
6/6/2020Great post!
6/3/2020Trump uses the church as a prop to get the Christain vote.
6/1/2020Reparations -1
5/7/2020Fuck off
4/11/2020F off
3/17/2020No wonder you're red. Shilling for EVIL.
3/11/2020Shitposter with TDS.
1/31/2020Knowledge to help
11/5/2019For using the overused word 'raciss'. It doesn't mean anything anymore...you wore it out when everything is 'raciss'
8/26/2019Wtf ?
7/6/2019Thank you someone knows their bible
5/21/2019Hahahaha: "Obama could NOT have been more gentle about the race issue." that's the dumbest thing I've read on Obama so far. Here, have some red.
2/19/2019Oh lord shut up
12/29/2018Day of the Rake will come.
12/16/2018Glad some one is speaking the truth for people with autism
12/10/2018For trading your last brain cell for an autographed photo of Hillary
11/2/2018Do you think you slipped on a banana peel and got all that red Karma by mistake?
10/29/2018Do the world a favor and go play in traffic
10/19/2018NPC robot. Your talking points are straight out of the democrat's script.
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