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8/8/2018LIAR. GO back to hell you Communist.
7/28/2018Telling the truth
7/26/2018Nice thread (Beast Baby)
4/30/2018Thank you for knowing whatâs going on! Israel/Iran. Esoterica
4/30/2018I bet you wake up with a dick in your ass and mouth every morning. Moran Cucknadian
3/12/2018Felches with the frenzy of a miner panning for gold.
3/7/2018Jewish Shill
2/9/2018Exactly. the memo itself proves nothing about guilt
2/9/2018Bad grammar and ignoring the lack of any facts
2/9/2018Would suck a maggot from Turdea's butt after an Islamic rapist shoved it in with the tip of his dong.
2/3/2018So illegal investigations are okay with you.
1/21/2018I like that, what you said. pool
1/16/2018Fake NEws
1/12/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
12/21/2017From 589
8/21/2017Thanks for posting on my thread! <ib6xmb>
7/6/201707/06/2017 03:26 pm
5/13/2017I know who you are.
4/11/2017Stupid Cunt
4/7/2017How is your colon?
3/30/2017Suck much dick, faggot?
3/16/2017Doesn't know what he's talking about
1/1/2017Butthurt Hillary voter
12/14/2016Absolute Moron
12/14/2016Just because...
12/14/2016Dumb ass
11/25/2016Yeah, why are you a raging queer?
11/25/2016Why are you a raging homosexual?
11/25/2016Have so more red. Are you even on the right site? - Cloven
11/11/2016Fuckoff shill this is weekly from now on.
11/11/2016Probably one of the most delusional Alister Crowley child moleting followers ever to post on GLP. We're talking this is one SICK motherfucker right here...
11/6/2016What is it with you Crowleytards?
11/6/2016Wrong you pathetic government kept pet actual work scares the bejeepers out of you shill
10/21/2016IQ of Mike Tyson's taint sweat
9/1/2016Reasonable differences ~Fret Wiz
7/26/2016What thee fuck is wrong with you?!
7/19/2016I second that below.
7/19/2016Defending Obama = idiot
5/28/2016Holy crap no wonder you have so much redl. Here's another
5/4/2016F u
9/24/2015Acres of unjustified red. +1 Green aHEMagain
9/21/2015Don't like you
9/19/2015Muzzie lover shill
9/17/2015Jihad john over here thinks it looks like a clock lol
9/3/2015You. Are. A. Total. Idiot.
8/8/2015Quoted Trump wrong
7/10/2015"Obama actually has an extremely high moral charecter"...Wow, you really drank the kool-aid didn't ya?
5/13/2015Woah dude. kinda need some oxygen in you.
4/11/2015A well-read, generous chap
3/21/2015For courage
12/28/2014Man Made Warming Tard. Look up 'Hubris', ya nutjob.
3/3/2014Your an idiot
10/18/2013Boo fucking hoo!
10/18/2013Are you honestly so stupid, or did you just stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
10/18/2013Shove your fucking obamascam up your faggot ass
10/18/20131 Idiot
10/17/2013Do not eat filet o fish please.
10/4/2013"Then proof it" Thanks for the laugh moron.
10/4/2013I love Obamacare too....but i dont like you because your a pasty white mu fuga
10/4/2013Oblabla asshole suckerâ¦go take a flying fuck up his asshole and stay off this forum.
10/4/2013Begging for pin, not to mention a total shill
10/4/2013Your part of the PROBLEM
10/4/2013Sucking more Obama cock?
8/5/2013Fag rot
5/1/2013Absolute Moron
5/1/2013Wow...so dumb
5/1/2013Calling people dumbasses and being an Obama butt buddy! Fucktard'
10/12/2012Obama / Biden
10/4/2012Romney was NOT lying
10/4/2012Wow really deluded aren't you?
10/4/2012Who the fuck are you? Go back under the rock
10/4/2012Left wing shill
3/14/2012Green colossus love from xen <3
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