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Cloudy's Karma

Total: 20 (20  User Votes) and 2

8/5/2012Karma from balthuuu
7/25/2012Ok, so then .... thread [ Iolair ]
7/25/2012Hey, you sound just like me! I was always in tune, but yet an oddball. I like it.~Expertofsound
7/12/2012Hi Cloudy! - ANHEDONIC
6/21/2012Sending you those good vibes!!! We all have bad days but they do pas. Detatch and find happiness within--Bluebird
6/21/2012It seems you need some positive karma...good luck!
6/21/2012Sorry for your bad day. Here's some green to turn it around!---> No one 35
6/21/2012The sun comes out tomorrow friend :D Expertofsound
6/20/2012HUGS for luck and a quick turn-around of fortunes.
6/12/2012Thanks for the birthday wishes : Artlicious
6/7/2012Good kharma for my new bud. I usually prefer 'sunny' but when it's cloudy, well then, that's a good excuse to stay in bed! ;-`)
6/2/2012Hope you find your way forward in making that decision! (Life and Love)
5/22/2012Great fuck the clouds -CultivatingMass
5/22/2012Always great threads. Amy A
5/21/2012Good cloud thread! - ANHEDONIC
5/21/2012Relax, clouds are our friends! BB
5/21/2012You are great...keep it up~DH:)
5/19/2012Please help your dazing watchman
5/16/2012What happened to all your well-deserved bad karmas???
5/11/2012You need some good karma....indiandave
2/5/2012"what are other good sites like GLP on web?"

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