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Milo Minderbinder's Karma

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6/6/2012Walker wins..You are the asshat!
6/6/2012Walker wins..You are the asshat!
2/15/2012Excellent points in pro choice post -- from goodmockingbird
2/14/20121 for telling it like it is. - ANHEDONIC
2/14/2012Advocating education
2/10/2012Anti-american fag. GTFO if you don't like it here.
2/10/2012Your intelligence is not what you wished it was grasshopper
2/8/2012Low IQ
2/8/2012Brief isn't a Pussy. And no, this isn't Brief.
1/20/2012Anyone who bitch slaps the worthless piece of crap yosemite sam is good in my book.
1/17/2012Ignorance must be bliss
1/10/2012Heartless man
1/8/2012Thanks for the Doors info! -wnb

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