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CuriousSoul's Karma

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2/1/2017Lady Truth
10/1/2013For your pink meteor!!! Lol. ~Vesper33~
9/30/2013Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. Much Love! ..11:11..
2/24/2013Love The One You're With! Much love my friend! ..11:11..
1/29/2013Made my day you didn't allow me to kill a thread. Lol
12/26/2012You're pretty darn awesome yourself, I love your enthusiasm ~P7
6/6/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
5/31/2012Karma luv for you~DH:)
4/26/2012Karma to a friend:)~DoubleHelix
4/12/2012For love 141
4/7/2012Everything she says is filled with the vibration of love.
4/5/2012Thank you, and back at you :) - IndigoSerenity76
4/4/2012Shine you crazy dimond~DoubleHelix
4/4/2012For you!
4/4/2012You are beautiful ~The Iranian~
4/4/2012You're a good soul.
4/4/2012Thank you awesome stuff!!!
4/4/2012Awesome post
4/4/2012Thanks for love and hugs.
4/4/2012Happy inward spiral :) <Path>.
4/4/2012How sweet of you....thank you!
4/4/2012My horoscope said I'd get a mid-morning uplift. Hit! -muggl3z :)
4/4/2012Excellent Trread CS ~ My Fellow GLPers! Thanks for being a positive influence here(~). tSJ
4/4/2012Thanks for the Reminder -- mistersplinter
4/4/2012Love! ~Tandym
4/4/2012Aistriúcháin loves you:)
4/4/2012Beautiful. Amy A
4/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/4/2012For a good thought provoking post,goldenmean
3/28/2012Thank you for reminding my heart - by sharing your experience... that we ARE awakening...together!​
3/12/2012For bringing love and truth to glp... and because of YOU... 141 (just read and answered your 2 threads)
3/1/2012For oversoming the battle ground that is Ga lol.~Jester
3/1/2012You are simply a delight. - J_Tribble
3/1/2012An interesting and informative post. Thank you. - Okie
3/1/20121 damn, sorry -- Borian
2/25/2012Thank you for the bubbles! <3 xen
2/24/2012Glad we both like something haha
2/21/2012I Love you ! <3
2/14/2012Very well said, and so true!
2/14/2012I love it! Path
2/14/2012Great post on love op!
2/14/2012Nice thread. WeAreOne.
2/14/2012For higher truth...Chas
2/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned

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