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Nostalgic Rain's Karma

Total: 42 (39  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 2

12/11/2017For contributing to the thread ty- truthie
10/14/2017Thanks. SoberLife
4/26/2017Batshit Stupid
9/30/2013Timeline weirdness here too! --eekers
9/17/2013Thanks for your input on the cold vs hot liquid discussion
7/17/2013Smiles - Geo777
7/12/2013HI.Lander :)
7/12/2013Thank you-- gary
5/22/2013I love Night Call :)
4/8/2013Rev StarGazer
3/19/2013Brief :)
1/28/2013Hey Neighbor! -Dr. Acula
1/22/2013Stay safe and love the avatar :) - CoTA
1/2/2013Commercial karma - vhoney :)
10/31/2012For your gas story. You guys must have been blessed. I have seen this first hand and it is so horrible. No gas for me either, ever! ~Vesper33~
10/18/2012Thats indeed the rule (3sec) :P
9/18/2012Hello from Earth420 :)
8/14/2012Luv OM
8/13/2012I love the rain, and thanks! --Xbone
8/11/2012Good reply. Thank you - Prophet. (Wow thread)
8/9/2012Back atcha darlin'! thank you. :) -anne o
8/1/2012Thanks :D Expertofsound
8/1/2012Sweet person :) ~ Truly
7/25/2012Sorry didnt c ur post mask warriorsbond
7/24/2012I hear ya on the time thing. crazy, yea but this place is crazy so it fits the theme. Besides we're all mad here :D -sammie
7/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/22/2012Back at you with best thanks - Sandrose
7/15/2012Ty , from 12.21.12
7/15/2012Dumb comment
7/2/2012Starry eyes
6/27/2012Thanks for the bump! It is a sad video. PB
4/16/2012Green sprinkle WindyMind
4/16/2012Karma from Phunky Phish!
4/16/2012Some karma from SFAV
4/16/2012Karma tag! - J. Everytard
4/16/2012Midnite rider
4/16/2012Have an awesome week! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/11/2012Positive Karma for You(~). tSJ
4/7/2012Cool picture! dragunov_1977
3/15/2012Great username / avatar!

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