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12/13/2018TURN YOUR FUCKING CAPS LOCK OFF. Jesus tittyfucking CHRIST
12/2/2018Commander Jahweh Heisenberg of the Galactic Federation wants you to say his name and not just 4 letters
11/17/2018Not sure how someone getting killed is funny. would have been ok without that comment
11/17/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/12/2018Wtf is This
11/4/2018Nibiru tard
10/18/2018Sad toddler thread. ....nutmeg....
10/18/2018For your thread even though it was a sad one. : ( NolaAngel
10/18/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/17/2018Love you sister
10/14/2018Your post just died..
10/14/2018Green for green
10/14/2018Pure horseshit deceptive nonesesical crap. ~Farmore
10/13/2018Take Your Caps Lock Off of Fucking Cruise Control
10/13/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/11/2018Green for you
9/16/20181 Nay... :)
9/13/2018Why do you have so much red?
8/8/2014Just stop!
9/8/2013Butt hurt
8/9/2013Are you actually ttown???
8/1/2013Yahweh Loves His Princess.
7/3/2013Your probly black
6/16/2013Yahweh Loves His Princess... On Father's Day. - Knowbody Special
6/11/2013God bless you with some green! <3 BDE
6/11/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/9/2013Yahweh Loves His Princess. - Knowbody Special
6/9/2013Nice Niburu video
6/9/2013You're a hoot. BSflagging your own thread. reason-n-logic
6/5/2013Your insane
6/5/2013WTF is a "CHILREN"? Retardâ¦..
6/5/2013So true about fags being molsted in childhood!
6/5/2013What a shit stirer.
6/3/2013Nice post Jesus is king
6/3/2013For posting utter nonsense
6/2/2013Doom porn...not needed right now..
6/1/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/1/2013You do know that you're a piece of shit human being right? In case you weren't sure, I'm just here to confirm it. Fuck you!!!!
6/1/2013Yahweh Loves His Princess. - Knowbody Special
5/31/2013Please stop being an ass
5/22/2013Just go away....you're not an intelligent being
5/22/2013Yahewhs slut
5/22/2013Sub-human garbage rejoicing in death - FUCK OFF
5/21/2013Retard! retard! retard! ;)
5/21/2013Where your negative karma proudly, you EARNED it.
5/20/2013You are pure evil! disgusting!
5/20/2013You are extremely cruel saying that Satan is the father of someone here at GLP. Bad Karma!
5/20/2013Shut the fuck up. That is all.
5/19/2013For idiot racist intolerant remarks.
5/18/2013This is a suffering child, how could you?
5/18/2013Fuck off - my brother died from hydrocephalus
5/18/2013For boasting you represent someone...-1
5/18/2013How arrogant you are to assume that god would harm an innocent child you are a true p.o.s.
5/18/2013Definity not a true follower of Yahweh when you speak to others with such foul language and hate in your heart. =(
5/18/2013Disrespectful/narrowm​inded/overly American
5/17/2013Tfs! :)
5/16/2013Racist groid
5/14/2013You Are Not The Lords Princess... You Are Just a Lowlife Whore
5/14/2013Stupid troll
5/14/2013You are an embarASSment to your parents.
3/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/11/2013Good thread{waterman}
3/11/2013I hope you are infertile and can't reproduce.
3/10/2013Sad indeed
3/10/2013Stop saying you homeschool, it's embarrassing.
3/10/2013Dumbass thread. Your an embarassment to white women. Nobody wants a nasty black man.
3/10/2013Complete and utter idiotic thread
3/10/2013The Holy Spirity transcends race...you are a liar.
3/10/2013Racist retard
3/10/2013Attention whore troll
3/10/2013Poor ignorant and blind racist. I feel bad for you.
3/10/2013Potty Mouthed Whore
3/10/2013Stupid Negro
3/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/9/2013Yew Sew Wee Todd Did
3/9/2013Monkey fucker.
3/9/2013Only disgusting white women give pity sex to black men. No respectable white woman wants a greasy, smelly hood rat and his diseases. It'd be like fucking an ape.
3/9/2013Boss retort!
3/9/2013Boom Tard now that's a good one : The Dudester
3/9/2013Not adding productive content across multiple threads
3/9/2013Just cause
3/9/2013BuggedOut :)
3/9/2013Calling us boomtards?
3/8/2013You are one crazy person, i dont mean that in a good way either.
3/7/2013You make NO sense in the threads you post! redneck rascist demons?im NOT rascist,i think every1 should own at least 1 good negra...
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