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Earth420's Karma

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9/16/2012Thanks - Hydra
9/16/2012Hi from Tard
9/15/2012Hello! :) Have a great weekend! - insertfunnyusername
9/15/2012Hi :)
9/14/2012Green for you!....indiandave
9/14/2012Have a great weekend Earth420! ;) ~Daikirai
9/13/2012Karma for you! -Dr. Acula
9/13/2012Thanks :) MAnu
9/13/2012Green from subzero86 !
9/12/2012Thanx pal.. :) +1 :) Fakedeath
9/12/2012Many Blessings - Cobb
9/10/2012Thanks from ....the HAMMER thor
9/8/2012I have alwways admired your name. Peace WildFlower
9/8/2012Hi Earth420 :) ACM
9/7/2012Hello from AtsuiPanda!
9/7/2012Hio00, Rain-Man
9/7/2012Mtn mang!
9/7/2012Have a wonderful weekend! :) - Debauchery
9/6/2012Hello to you as well....AdHocBOHICA
9/6/2012Hi 2 u 2 :) Mr Martin
9/5/2012Hi Back from Who is Blue Fairy
9/5/2012Hello to you², Iolair
9/5/2012Brief :)
9/4/2012Have a good day :) ~Dai
9/4/2012Hi from Face :)
9/4/2012WZn :)
9/3/2012Thanks for the karma. Have a great week! - Six Six Six
9/1/2012Karma return - balthuuu
8/31/2012Hi back! Buck Zander. :)
8/31/2012Thank you for the karma. Have a pleasant day :)
8/31/2012Hi from Treyfish
8/31/2012Good green for great posts!! Peace WildFlower
8/30/2012Hi, and thanks! Have a red-thumbed bandit stalking me, so I keep losing the little green I have, LOL!! ~OneConsciousness
8/29/2012<3 Tard
8/29/2012Hello from AtsuiPanda (:
8/28/2012Hi. pool
8/28/2012Hi from Vlad Tepes :))
8/28/2012May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through. Cassie :-)
8/27/2012From ClappaGuy!! :D
8/27/2012Hi Earth, thanks for karma . Added u in buddy list =) S.Matrix btw oh mani padme hum , is 1 of my fav. mantras ! :p
8/27/2012Greetings back :) Iolair
8/27/2012Sending some love. LP
8/27/2012Happy Monday - Travis Bickle
8/27/2012Thanks for the karma, very nice of you! ;-) (WildStyle)
8/27/2012Hello and green to you! -- Ziyal
8/26/2012Peace, my friend ~ e1
8/25/2012OMPH - lovely mantra - have a great weekend ~ Sloane
8/25/2012Thanks, alexisj9
8/25/2012Good doom thread (satellite) <3 miffed
8/24/2012The FACE wont forget its friends
8/24/2012Thank you for the kp! mtn mang
8/24/2012GREEEEEEN!!! >> EvilMoney
8/22/2012WZn karma giveaway! Hurry while stocks last!
8/21/2012Karma from ANHEDONIC
8/21/2012Sonic doom
8/21/2012Hi, back!!! Dried Up Hag :)
8/20/2012Hello Earth420! -Hitokiri
8/18/2012Hi, Thank you! Gregor Samsa:)
8/18/2012Hello right back! -Evol Eric
8/17/2012Hi Back! - Osura
8/17/2012Thank You! Eimaj
8/17/2012Hi Earth420! :) from Tuff~Kooky
8/17/2012Hey there :) ~Dai
8/16/2012Love & Light WildFlower Peace & Hugs
8/15/2012Green for green. Added to buddie list.
8/15/2012Hello too you.... Cheers from FMGB
8/14/2012Love your posts! ~Christine~
8/12/2012Hello! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
8/12/2012Also to0 to00 ..
8/11/2012Thank You For al Lthe Karma :d
8/10/2012WatchZEITGEISTnow woz ere!
8/10/2012Good kharma for Earth420. 2 of my very favourite things! ;-`) -w_nb
8/10/2012OM MANI PEME HUNG from IWTB76 namaste
8/10/2012Namaste Earth420... :-) Imajicatus
8/9/2012Hello friend <3 miffed :)
8/9/2012Nephilim probed your butthole!
8/9/2012Hi thanks for the karma - Skin..you are from the old days i remember your posts
8/8/2012Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
8/8/2012Long time no see - RoXY
8/8/2012Glad to see ya - Lyttlmiss
8/8/2012Hope you're having a good week - Dease
8/8/2012Thanks! SFAV
8/8/2012Good morning, have a great day...TOMMY B
8/8/2012Haven't seen you around in a while, hope things are going good! Laura Bow
8/8/2012Hugs from tauranga xx
8/6/2012Thx for the green, how you doin buddy? Send me a PM if you can - Archaic Mason
8/5/2012Hi - long time no see!! - Keep Smiling
8/4/2012Thanks for the green karam from patdeez84
8/2/2012Back @ ya....
8/2/2012And a hi to you. thanks LP
8/1/2012Thank you! - Six Six Six
8/1/2012Ty , from 12.21.12
8/1/2012Hi, Thank You:) Gregor Samsa
7/31/2012Hello to you too! :) - Debauchery
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