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SpiritMasonChazz's Karma

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6/17/2014You sound actually retarded.
6/17/2014I like your mission statement! one level is what's right for mankind
5/26/2014Idiot, he didn't stick out his chest, how the fuck can you tell from behind?
11/12/2012Drive by karma
10/11/2012Plays with other people's feces.
7/25/2012"My next one will be a bolt action with a nice scope." RayGun
5/22/2012Wing-ed Karma
5/6/2012For Ron paul Frater
4/12/2012Go MCHazz.. Borian
4/10/2012Brain the size of a pea....and most of that isn't used
4/5/2012For the journey post
4/2/2012Very nice words thak God for you... Pill bug
4/1/2012Love GLP
4/1/2012Love GLP
3/27/2012Promotes miscegnation -1
3/25/2012One love... 141
3/24/2012Thanks for the support
3/4/2012Good Advice~DoubleHelix

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