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WhiteAngel's Karma

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8/15/2013Green to you. ChiaPet
8/14/2013Great posts old guard
8/14/2013"I don't like to use FB" thank you for that comment. GreenishAndCoolish
8/14/2013You sort of convinced me, so heres some green =P
8/11/2013For the New York quake thread ! From Tiger1.
8/11/2013Good nature
8/11/2013Simple27 : )
8/11/2013Great earthquake thread WA!! Good to see your posts! <3 wait....what? <3
8/11/2013Just because you ROCK! ;-) - Reinvigorated Being
8/11/2013Love bloggin with ya! Isis One
8/9/2013I think you upgraded someone, I love that - Comedian
8/9/2013Helping some one out Good on you (USMC0369)
8/8/20131 for our Fog Family Angel! Imjustsayin Barbara
8/7/2013Your Hard Work- Peace- Nerd
8/6/2013Karma Hugs and Blessings xxx AKO
8/5/2013Thank you for the water tips!!!! - Eireann~
8/5/2013Thanks for the info on storing water! D.G.
8/5/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/5/2013Many blessings to you..me777
8/4/2013Sunday Green! ~Vesper33~
8/4/2013He died Once for All!
8/1/2013Thanks, whiteangel, for correcting that bogus story! It somehow made it even to drudgereport's front page. Kudos!
8/1/2013Karma time! mtn mang
8/1/2013Good work as always-shad
7/30/2013WA, I am just back and read your ISON post....this has you concerned ...please enlighten me if you can...much love to you and yours! CG
7/29/2013Just karma catch-up from the one you gave me! I'm SO bad about it sometimes! Texan Buckeye
7/27/2013May All Your Days be filled with Peace and Love. ..11:11..
7/27/2013Here's some solar karma, Isis One
7/22/2013Karma Hugs to you, my Soul sister with much love and blessings :) AKO
7/22/2013Sunday Green!!! ~Vesper33~
7/14/2013Green hugs to you. ChiaPet.
7/13/2013Karma time while the sun is sleeping! - joinca
7/12/2013Love The One You're With. Much love! ..11:11..
7/8/2013Hugs 4 U with Love :) AKO
7/7/2013Hi WA, here is some green for ya, Isis One
7/3/2013Jesus Loves You - and so does TW!
6/29/2013HEY HEY- Nerd
6/29/2013God Bless. Much Love :) AKO
6/26/2013Green hugs-shad
6/24/2013Love your posts....old guard
6/23/2013Hi whiteangel, thanks for the green!
6/22/2013Great taste in music!
6/22/2013Green for the 'America' contribution to teh Oldies thread. ~Snuffie.
6/21/2013You are always nice..God Bless {waterman}
6/21/2013Here is some solstice green karma! - joinca
6/20/2013Karma Hugs Much Love :) AKO
6/20/2013Back at ya! - No More Lies
6/17/2013For a beautiful Fathers Day message! Peace, clovis
6/16/2013Thanks, Fox
6/16/2013Karma is as Karma does. ~Z
6/15/2013Thanks for earth shaking post...
6/14/2013Excellent post! Please note the word you want is "precursor" not procurer. Otherwise, thanks so much!
6/14/2013Good post! karma from Gonviral
6/14/2013For being an Earth Angel : ) Simple27
6/14/2013Karma time! mtn mang
6/14/2013For your constant vigilance - Gomez
6/13/2013Green hug right back! glad you saw this before you leave for a few days. beeches
6/13/2013Your threads are amazing , GT500
6/13/2013Natural Gas Explosion--doomer1981​
6/13/2013Colorado fires updates - ClydeX
6/12/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2013I'm 9 miles from the Royal Gorge Fire... - Imajicatus :-) (-:
6/12/2013My greatest fear, child @ home & being a parent at work. Corn dog
6/12/2013DNA samples - Things are out of control
6/11/2013Green with God's Love! <3 BDE
6/10/2013Its nice to see how you've grown, you bring up great info, with a mind to match-shad
6/10/2013Blessings. A.D.
6/7/2013Green hugs to you. Love your thread. ChiaPet
6/5/2013Karma time! mtn mang
6/4/2013Nice Christian post.
6/4/2013Good Thread on Christians... Miabelieves
6/4/2013Great thread! - Lisa :)
6/4/2013For walking the walk - googooflexy
6/3/2013Delete this bitch
6/3/2013For your new thread Much Love AKO
6/2/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/2/2013Thank you! God bless. me777
6/2/2013Thanks, and God bless you too, from K2tC
6/1/2013Much love and Respect!!...peace...d​ettro
6/1/2013Thanks for all the input old guard
6/1/2013Your a beautiful angel!
5/31/2013Green karma Friday!! - joinca
5/29/2013Fresh green! mtn mang
5/28/2013Hiya whiteangel :) Isis7
5/28/2013Moxie Karma for a gutsy move!! Great photo!
5/27/2013Hugz, thank you :) - CoTA
5/27/2013Green for you wa. tm
5/25/2013Blessings to you as well - Simple27 : )
5/24/2013Excellent thread :)
5/24/2013Because I love your posts :-)
5/24/2013For the quake thread..
5/24/2013Thank you- seer
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