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SelfishKing's Karma

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5/3/2012From Joe
4/3/2012From Sheriff Joe
3/21/2012Calling people a cunt, you cunt!
3/21/2012For hating Jarhead too
3/21/2012Abusive language
3/21/2012Knot head
3/21/2012Fuck you dick... Sheriff Joe is the fucking man!
3/21/2012From the sheriff
3/21/2012Clapping to the use of a classless word such as cunt, shows that you truly have no class.
3/16/2012Shut it
3/13/2012You are a non-thinking obama brown nosed communist incapable of thinking for yourself.
3/12/2012Clueless obama lover. Wake UP!!
3/12/2012Erase the hate -1
3/11/2012Gotta give em to someone - sixten
3/11/2012Just what this forum needs - another asshat. drop dead, cocksuker.

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