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Mr Mystery's Karma

Total: 17 (17  User Votes) and 10

8/8/2012Thank you for your help - momma coop
8/3/2012Brain rape
7/27/2012Hello! ~ BooBooKitty
7/24/2012Idiotic- or perhaps cynical humor
7/19/2012That puts it into perspective.
7/17/2012Nice try, keep digging. think satan not alien
7/5/2012Good karma for your career to take off again, it will. ~ Truly
7/5/2012May God bless you friend for all you do :D Expertofsound
7/5/2012Quit injecting your preaching into a breaking news event
7/5/2012Off topic religious idiocy - L
6/30/2012Dumb ass
6/8/2012WINNER *** Most Stupid man on GLP - 9 time winner!! Congratulations!
5/29/2012Why dip your hand into another manâs pocket for what you have not earned it is the same greed.
5/25/2012For seeing and speaking the truth. Avengers thread. - Six Six Six
5/23/2012Brilliant ...sank u.
4/19/2012For the wonderful enlightend sociopath posts WindyMind
4/19/2012I send you karma in good faith, hoping you can save us all. morgan
4/17/2012Very interesting...
4/12/2012I love your avatar! - DPC
4/12/2012Green on me - Bovril
4/3/2012You dont diserve to be in the red-Dont let those assholes bother you~DoubleHelix
3/23/2012Love your name + avatar! DPC
3/13/2012For believing in fairy tales.
3/11/20121 dragunov, for being funny

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