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Lindsay007's Karma

Total: 29 (29  User Votes) and 8

6/12/2012From Top With Friendship.
5/14/2012Free karma from Mr.MohZart
4/19/2012You keep me smiling too :)
4/6/2012Beautiful soul... - OneLOVE soulJAH
3/29/2012"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." - Wayne Dyer.... :) Flycat
3/28/2012You said you saw me working ina restaurant, well i got it, well done ReNamed 777
3/28/2012For your Sun post ~Silent Wind
3/28/2012You sure do enjoy using definitives and absolutes. "You're wrong, I'm right "
3/28/2012You're tarded
3/28/2012You make no sense
3/28/2012It's nice to hear there is someone else out there that sees things as they are. :)
3/28/2012Grow Up! You idiot!
3/28/2012Keep spreading your messages and keep up the good work.
3/28/2012Dumbest crap i've heard all year...cities inside the sun???
3/28/2012Thank you <3
3/26/2012It's something i heard before and tend to believe
3/24/2012She speaks the truth
3/24/2012For saying 'Your wrong & I am right...' Its only YOUR opinion & aren't you only new to this learning??? MzTreeChick
3/23/2012Love! Love, love, LOVE from meganebula
3/23/2012For spreading love and happiness~Chewy
3/23/20121 karma...keep up good work 007...crazybud
3/23/2012From Tiger1.
3/22/2012Because you share your amazing loving heart 141
3/22/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here. :)
3/22/2012Grippya. Thanks for helping out in the psychic threads :)
3/22/2012Well your thread was pure inspiration today brought more insight flooding in! Thank you!
3/22/2012Luv back from fubarman!
3/22/2012Thanks for helping me deal with my relationship troubles :)
3/22/2012Thanks for the readings - WFR
3/22/2012You are here to anchor the new higher energies. Please pay attention to how you act around others... you have no idea how strongly your energy affects people. <3
3/22/2012For using the illuminati eye symbolism and your satanic teachings.
3/22/2012Thumbs way down on karma for adding to the lunatic crowd on this website.
3/22/2012Wow bad karma already - NO good let me help
3/22/2012Keep up the good work! Peace and love to u. FC :)
3/22/2012Just Great, another stupid bitch! Just what GLP needs!

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