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JV520's Karma

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5/30/2015Nibiru? Nibiru?!? Are you fucking retarded or just plain stupid
12/23/2012Everyone knows you like it up the ass.
10/3/2012Go spank you monkey elsewhere.
10/2/2012Hey! I gave you that red karma with the nasty comment by mistake last week, meant it for a post above yours, sorry. Back to balance it out
9/23/2012How you have any green at all is an absolute wonder to me, please take a break from GLP and go fuck yourself
9/12/2012AMEN! Well Said my friend. cutetornadoF5
9/6/2012For being my friend -Evol Eric
9/1/2012Amen bro!!!! Joker
8/12/2012Bullshit/Phishing Scam
8/6/2012"experience of other cultures on a tour of duty", are you so stupid?
8/6/2012I apologize, we're out here, still working, or at least attempting too - Archaic Mason
7/1/2012Why you gotta second guess evertone? Your an ass.
6/28/2012Have a great weekend JV520 :) dragunov_1977
5/8/2012First karma! Liked the ak sks thread dragunov_1977

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