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4/17/2016That maybe my banned account, but GUESS, WHY IT IS SO ?? Well I still wonder to this day, Ive said so much for those 2 months... 4k ++ posts... peace yo ONELOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
7/28/2013It is you that is hiding knowledge from yourself. references 5/4/2012 post you made.
4/9/2013Yes, Japan was attacked, but most sheeple cant see 2 feets in front of their own faces... sad peace yo ONE LOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
11/12/20121 for my friend
10/20/2012Yup, Im well, thanks to every1, I was banned due to ''TOO MUCH TRUTH'' ;/ - WuDStef
9/6/2012Hope u are well
7/29/2012Sevak_Muni karma for Fire Yogi post
6/21/2012You need more green! - msz
6/2/2012For grounding post
6/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/31/2012Voor een landgenoot heb ik wel wat karma over ;) Grtz Mr Martin
5/31/2012So true.
5/30/2012I really enjoy your input on threads!
5/30/2012You don't know it all
5/30/2012Hey ever since I heard Apak I can't get enough of him, he gots alot of great songs by far my favorite muscian now, thanks for spreading the word-scrodmasterchod
5/29/2012I just don't like you
5/28/2012Can't....stop....laug​hing....at.... this idiot! Whoohooooooo
5/27/2012Peace! (Iolair)
5/27/2012Warning! May be retarded!
5/25/2012Friday karma for you....old guard
5/23/20121 from Sevak_Muni
5/22/2012Apakalypse ftw- scrodmasterchod
5/21/2012Woot woot - whatsitallabout
5/20/2012One love - peace will abide... southernbella
5/18/2012For sharing good info
5/18/2012Good Fear Post...U get it.. Demonslayer
5/18/2012Slowly but surely, your English is getting better
5/17/2012Hi! Earth420 :)
5/17/2012Karma UP UP UP
5/17/2012Sometimes weird, but mostly funny. :) scuba7
5/16/2012Tired of your signture and lack of valid contribution
5/16/2012Arrogant idiot.
5/15/2012Pompous and arrogant
5/15/2012A greeny for you! - Mndlk
5/14/2012Hail Marley :-)
5/14/2012Thanks for your comments! CD
5/14/2012For understanding the world :) (nocty)
5/12/2012Thanks for the bump brutha..I like your message..LooK`n
5/12/20121 for grounding post
5/11/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/10/2012I thought I already gave you green a few days ago - well here it is now - msz
5/10/2012Backing me up on many threads, he spreads truth and resonates with the light
5/9/2012For your fight against porn, Keep it goin !
5/9/2012Green for u. DoGMoR
5/9/2012Only sheep are vulnerable for fear implants... - rtnet
5/8/2012Earth is our actual & only home for now, beyond doubt. we should treat it like that. blue
5/8/2012Relentless dribble posts
5/8/2012Suns cold. -Truth
5/7/2012You the man!
5/7/2012More dutch bullshit. you fuckers deserve your muslim overlords. hope the stonings are televised.
5/6/2012Some oneLOVE karma for ya - keepin it positive! oneLOVE soulJAH
5/5/2012Love and Light to you....Being Mndful
5/4/2012Good link
5/4/2012Waffle Eating Wierdo
5/3/2012For keeping Sungazing thread alive. ~Sandi
5/3/2012For the +1999999! THX Goo~
5/3/2012For bumping my thread - Osura
5/3/2012Positive Karma
5/3/2012Go eat some sun and shut the fuck up. You add nothing to GLP.
5/3/2012For stupid nothing posts, hundreds of posts saying nothing
5/1/2012Back at cha expendable
5/1/2012You need some more green - Sir Phdeau
4/29/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here.
4/28/2012Thanks for being a voice of reason. <Path>.
4/28/2012For you! linda
4/27/2012Disrepected me I work for Illuminati
4/27/2012Sungazer?! more ppl need to realize the potential of the sun:)
4/27/2012Topple all the monoliths!! Whatsitallabout
4/27/2012Really really enjoyed your sun gazing video. Thank you -ShabbyOrange
4/27/2012One of the most annoying posters on GLP.
4/27/2012Word Up for SURE!!! Hag :)
4/27/2012Continually spamming the "sun gazing" video across multiple threads.
4/26/2012Back at you == DP
4/25/2012Karma from do-well hit me back..please
4/25/2012<3 Much love to You <3 Awake1
4/25/2012Millions of gun owners do not kill anyone - got logic?
4/24/2012R U the single heart giver? <3....from Cheleve ;)
4/24/2012More dutch bullshit. you fuckers deserve your muslim overlords. hope the stonings are televised.
4/24/2012Np you twat
4/24/2012For seeing a better world like I do <3 - Eireann~
4/24/2012So sceered of nwo
4/24/2012You never need guns if you have a brain/soul, and a heart. scuba7 :)
4/24/2012Here ya go-marketselloff
4/23/2012You are an idiot
4/22/2012Contribute - dont just critizize EVERYTHING
4/21/2012Hates honkeys, promotes gangsta rap and black flash mobs raping white women -1
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